Thomas Yalden

Aesop To The King

Victorious Prince! Form'd for Supreme Command,
Worthy the Empire of the Seas and Land!
Whilst impious Faction swells with Native Pride,
Parties distract the State, and Church divide!
And Sensless Libels with audacious Stile,
Insult thy Senate, and thy Power revile!

Vouchsafe to hear th'admired Truths of old,
Which Birds and Beasts in Sportive Tales unfold:
To curb the Insolent, advance the Good,
And quell the Ragings of the Multitude.

O fam'd for Arms! and matchless in Renown!
Permit old ÆSOP to approach thy Throne:
To you the labours of his Muse belong,
Accept the humble, but instructive Song.

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