Mather Byles

To Thee the tuneful Anthem soars

"To Thee the tuneful Anthem soars,
To Thee, our Father's God, and ours;
This Wilderness we chose our Seat:
To Rights secur'd by Equal Laws
From Persecution's Iron Claws,
We here have sought our calm Retreat.

"See! how the Flocks of Jesus rise!
See! how the Face of Paradise
Blooms thro' the Thickets of the Wild!
Here Liberty erects her Throne;
Here Plenty pours her Treasures down!
Peace smiles, as Heav'nly Cherub mild.

"Lord, guard thy Favours; Lord, extend
Where farther Western Suns descend;
Nor Southern Seas the Blessings bound;
'Till Freedom lift her chearful Head,
'Till pure Religion onward spread,
And beaming, wrap the Globe around."

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