The Maple Tree

John Clare

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The Maple with its tassell flowers of green
That turns to red, a stag horn shap├Ęd seed
Just spreading out its scalloped leaves is seen,
Of yellowish hue yet beautifully green.
Bark ribb'd like corduroy in seamy screed
That farther up the stem is smoother seen,
Where the white hemlock with white umbel flowers
Up each spread stoven to the branches towers
And mossy round the stoven spread dark green
And blotched leaved orchids and the blue-bell flowers -
Thickly they grow and neath the leaves are seen.
I love to see them gemm'd with morning hours.
I love the lone green places where they be
And the sweet clothing of the Maple tree.

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  • nathanieledmund

    I really enjoyed this poem, it paints such a beautiful picture of a maple tree and its surrounding nature. The imagery vividly brought it to life for me!