The Hawk

William Henry Davies

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Thou dost not fly, thou art not perched,
The air is all around:
What is it that can keep thee set,
From falling to the ground?
The concentration of thy mind
Supports thee in the air;
As thou dost watch the small young birds,
With such a deadly care.

My mind has such a hawk as thou,
It is an evil mood;
It comes when there's no cause for grief,
And on my joys doth brood.
Then do I see my life in parts;
The earth receives my bones,
The common air absorbs my mind---
It knows not flowers from stones.

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  • alannamarquez84

    Just finished reading something from William Henry Davies for my homework. It was kinda cool how he used the hawk as a metaphor. Didn't get all of it but I like the whole introspection thing goin' on. Kinda makes you think about your own thoughts and stuff 🤔🦅. Need to read more poems like this one.