Out of sight? What of that?

Emily Dickinson

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Out of sight? What of that?
See the Bird—reach it!
Curve by Curve—Sweep by Sweep—
Round the Steep Air—
Danger! What is that to Her?
Better 'tis to fail—there—
Than debate—here—

Blue is Blue—the World through—
Seek—Friend—and see—
Heaven is shy of Earth—that's all—
Bashful Heaven—thy Lovers small—
Hide—too—from thee—

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  • jeanneforest345

    Just finished reading "Out of sight? What of that?" I gotta say, Emily Dickinson has a way with words. So much depth and riddled with insight. I wouldn't say it's an easy one to take in though. Had to sit with it a while, let the subtle meanning gs seep in. But boy, once yu get it, it hits you. Was never much for poetry and this sure isnt for the fainthearted ones. Sit with it, let it simmer. It's worth it. Emily Dickinson, hats off!