Being off the grid is a hard thing to do,

all I can do is think of you.

You have no idea how you affect me,

You show me the person that you see.

You believe in me when no one else does,

All I need to do is see your beautiful words and my heart forgets what once was.

Everybody here says that my words are all lies,

But they don't have the faith that I have,all I want to do is spread my wings and fly.

We can fly anywhere we want,at least we will be together,

In each other's arms each night,our hearts bound with an unbreakable tether.

We can go off the grid together and never be found,

And happily live our life together Heaven bound.

I know that there will be tough times,but love conquers all,

I will hold you and you will hold me,never letting each other fall.

When I think of your love my heart cries,

My love for you was truly a surprise.

I wasn't expecting such a strong feeling,

My head is still spinning.

We haven't known each other long,

But the Lord has brought our hearts together,I feel that we belong.

You are in my heart and mind in all that I do,

I just want to go off the grid with you..

I love you Dion,

I truly do.


  • orchidee

    An there was me, thinking ya meant me! heehee.

  • ForeverJesus6

    Nothing would be better than living off the grid with the one you love. The two could have children and raise a family. Good write.
    Persistence is key


    Thanks MELISSA ~ Brian here. Thanks for a lovely Poem ! Angela & I know all about TRUE LOVE so we can we can emphasise. Every BLESSING ~ Yours in the SPIRIT ~ BRIAN

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good loving write Melissa, grab their hand and move off the grid and live together for eternity.

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