dusk arising

know JB


same age as me,
but never heard of James Brown
I think this romance
is about to drown

she's a bit of a rocker
and I aint no punk
i'm a lover of james
the daddy of funk

no long haired she-boy
in his spandex pants
and made-up face
gets a second chance

and no techno retro
machine made noise
with its robot moves
like a childrens toy

if its funk derived
then people gotta move
lithe and sexy
it's in the groove

thats why everybody
hearing JB's beat
clean outta that chair
and funkin down the street

and since she heard it
'like a sex machine'
the way she moves
is my living dream

now james is gone
but the groove lives on
it was the rythmn of the street
all along

gotta pick it on up
or turn it loose
papa's brand new bag
fo' this long legged goose


  • Claudelle DeLuna

    Very CooL! Dusk
    & la musique parfaite!
    I will jam with James Brown to this nice song with Jeffrey and John my lovely son's!!
    Thanks for sharing Dusk!

    • dusk arising

      Which instruments do you all play? I'm a saxes man but initially a soul singer.

    • Michael Edwards

      Oh golly gosh - not at all familiar with him - I must get into this funk thing whatever it is :) :) Great write.

      • dusk arising

        Well it was the kind of music which made me and a whole lot of others move and groove way back when.... soul was a fusion of R & B, gospel and jazz initially eminating from Memphis and Detroit. It became the dance music of 60's UK and part of that soul thing was funk which later in 70's became a movement all on its own.
        Beware, JB may have you wriggling and twitching .. even dancing.

      • orchidee

        Should I have met him?! A fine write dusk.

        • dusk arising

          As James sang 'say it loud, i'm black and i'm proud'... go on, start the chant going.

          • orchidee

            Does he know any hymns?! heehee.

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          • Heartwriter

            Great funky write dude! Loved it. Was he Motown? I think he was. James Brown.

            • dusk arising

              Thanks Heart. James was never on tamla motown,, he had recorded on several small labels in usa and in 1970 he formed his own record label.

            • Goldfinch60

              Listening to JB this early in the morning nearly made me get up and 'strut my stuff' which hasn't changed since JB first appeared.
              Fine tribute to a great guy.

              • dusk arising

                Nice one, the accompanying track here is from a band called 'tower of power'.
                Glad you were moved by this.

              • Neville

                A great and fitting tribute methinks.. Neville

              • Fay Slimm.

                Lurve the rythmn in this number by JB - - - agree with every word - still tappn and movin - -- great times D.A.

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