dusk arising



I thought id miss u
when you were gone
but I didn't

though i'd thought you
the perfect one
you wasn't

every time I tried
to bring you closer to my side
you played your game
time and again

you're so easy to forgive
but I gotta live
and here in the present
it's getting pleasant


  • orchidee

    Aww, why? Did ya get used to missing me - my singing, that is? You packed me off on that ship to Australia?! heehee.
    A nice write dusk. Maybe a bit 'out of sight, out of mind', and more so as time goes on?

    • dusk arising

      Well when you're barking up the wrong tree, might as well cock ya leg instead.
      Have you got a recording of this voice of yours singing. I strongly suspect you are an accomplished singer and enjoy putting yourself down. A you the local choirmaster. Does the organist beam an appreciative smile at the sound of your dulcit tones?

      • orchidee

        Nope, I'm not a choirmaster nor in a choir. Though a couple of people have said 'You sing nicely'. Though I hope they were singing themselves too, not just listening in to me! Yes, you can hear me singing - search for clips of 'two cats fighting!' heehee

      • Michael Edwards

        Simple but so effective - I love this piece - all is not lost.

        • dusk arising

          Most definately all is not lost. I am a survivor and will only bark up the wrong tree for so long before i begin to bay at the moon and swat moths.
          I bet it's hot in Cyprus.

          • Michael Edwards

            My son and his family are out there in the apartment at the moment and yes it is hot - luckily the pool is only four paces from the veranda and his boys are loving it.

          • Fay Slimm.

            Ah - letting go can show us the pleasanter ways - - I love the the gist of this flowing confession that alone need not be lonely. Into my favs. with this one my friend.

            • dusk arising

              Gosh Fay i am honoured to have a piece in your favourites, thank you.
              The lady in question was not attuned to my qualities. There's more to life than encountering and surviving relationship problems.
              Once the parting was done a felt a great relief and free to do things I want to do.. Burden lifted.

            • sylviasearcher

              I have been trying to let go of something for a long time.... It will not leave me. Though I know things would be pleasenter without it...

              • dusk arising

                In the words of a song "free your mind and the rest will follow".
                I think you have to ask yourself, 'am i the person i want to be whilst i am in this.... is it stopping me from being happy'....
                Then act upon your conclusions...... around the next corner could be something wonderful...... if you had let go, you could get involved.

                Thank you for reading and giving something of yourself here.

                • sylviasearcher

                  Thanks dusk... O tis easier said than done. 😕

                • Goldfinch60

                  The present is always the place to live, we cannot bring back the past

                  • dusk arising

                    Too right. I'll leave 'living in the past' to jethro tull (what a wonderful record that was way back when).

                  • Heartwriter

                    This one certainly made perfect sense to me. Awesome!

                    • dusk arising

                      I'm pleased you see it that way. Thanks Heart.

                    • Candlewitch

                      dear dusk,

                      the present is a good place to be, after we have learned from our past. thanks for this wisdom!

                      *hugs, Cat

                      • dusk arising

                        Yes indeed, turning a negative into a great big positive.. thanks Cat, always good to read your thoughts.

                      • Claudelle DeLuna

                        and great picture.
                        both combined make me think about watching something/someone depart
                        and accepting we are OK.

                        • dusk arising

                          Thanks for reading and commenting.... the picture i wanted was of a Brit Steam train departing/leaving but i couldn't find a good enough pic.
                          Yes there will always be an area of regret when something finishes but self healing is necessary and stressing the positives is the way forward i guess.

                        • Poetic Dan

                          What an eneding my friend
                          I could feel my own need to still let go
                          Thank you are sharing your light

                          Much peace and respect

                        • Neville

                          Okay DA.. here goes.. I Like everything about this little gem, except for what in my own view is a slight flaw and that would be the concluding line... having stated that, I cant for the life of me think of a better one... and believe me, that's gonna bug me..All Good Things... Neville

                          • dusk arising

                            I guess i was using bad grammar for effect, it's rather quirky. This is about one of those infatuations which never matures into a relationship. Someone i would 'rub shoulders' with daily. The verses all look back to the attempts to start a relationship except the last one where i've given up hope and realised i'm better off for never having got into a relationship. Having come to terms with it life became pleasant again.
                            Now if you really want my work to do your head in have a look at 'quench' from 28th aug 2017 or 'tower' from sept 16 2017.

                            • Neville

                              I may just do that later... no.. I definitely will sometime...

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