Kensington Gardens

Immersed in the eternal youthful aura of Peter Pan,

By Kensington Palace I took a ride on the carousel at the travelling funfair,

Across Kensington Gardens I walked through this beautiful park,

Basking in the glorious Summer sunshine and fresh air.

The fragrant flowers all around me were in full bloom,

With an ice cream I retreated to the comfort of a deckchair seat,

On my CD player I listened to the heavenly cool sounds of Sheryl Crow,

By the Round Pond surrounded by cute ducks and geese at my feet.

A hot Summer's day in Kensington Gardens,

What more could anyone want in life,

Relaxing in the heat of London,

Away from the stresses of city strife.


  • orchidee

    A fine write and place to be Fine.
    I woz ere - or rather, I was there. I went through Kensington Gardens on the way to an Art Show in Kensington, though I don't live in London.

    • FineB

      Hello Orchidee,

      Thank you.

      Glad you enjoyed the poem.

      There are so many parks in London but Kensington Gardens is one of my favourites - Regents Park is a close second!

      Keep writing

      • orchidee

        Yes, I went by that pond too. I had very hot day too. A lovely sight. Do you go next door much, to Hyde Park?

      • FineB

        Hi Orchidee,

        Sometimes I venture into Hyde Park!

      • Goldfinch60

        To relax in this way can be wondrous. I hope you enjoyed tpyour

      • Goldfinch60

        Your ice cream(s).

        • FineB

          Thanks Goldfinch.

          I thoroughly enjoyed my Kensington Gardens sunny experience, my ice cream and Sheryl Crow's cool voice!

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          nicely written!
          I love gardens too!

          • FineB

            Hi Claudelle.

            Glad you enjoyed the poem and thanks for reading.

            Kensington Gardens definitely holds a special place in my heart.

            Keep writing

          • Michael Edwards

            I too love the London gardens and even the small squares tucked away between tall old buildings worth a mint - all nostalgic now for my home town. Not sure about the SC bit whoever she is :)

            • FineB

              Hello Michael,


              One of my favourite squares in London is Queen Anne Square, compact, beautiful with.the little statue of Queen Anne in the corner.of it.

              Keep writing

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