Victory Voices

Tune: Easter Hymn

('Jesus Christ is risen today')

Revelation 19 v.1-8 parts


A great voice, great multitude - Alleluia!

That their cry, it strong renewed - Alleluia!

Salvation, glory, honour - Alleluia!

Praise and eternal power - Alleluia!


All praise to the Lord God, He - Alleluia!

Righteous judge o'er all He be - Alleluia!

For He judges evil sure - Alleluia!

Overthrows it evermore - Alleluia!


All around the throne do say - Alleluia!

Now is seen your sovereign sway - Alleluia!

Amen, so be it, their voice - Alleluia!

With refrain they do rejoice - Alleluia!


A voice said, Your God now praise - Alleluia!

All you His servants now raise - Alleluia!

Whether small or great you be - Alleluia!

Resound a victory theme - Alleluia!


Then voice of multitude heard - Alleluia!

As sound of great waters stirred - Alleluia!

And as sound of  thunderings - Alleluia!

This he song the each one brings - Alleluia!


For the Lord omnipotent - Alleluia!

Reigns, All-Powerful, no relent - Alleluia!

Let us be glad and rejoice - Alleluia!

All extol Him with one voice - Alleluia!


Give Him honour, for marriage - Alleluia!

Of the Lamb (Christ), Lord of each age

Has come, and the bride, His wife - Alleluia!

Is the church, He gave each life - Alleluia!


Fine linen, both clean and white - Alleluia!

Granted her, a glorious sight - Alleluia!

Fine linen, 'tis righteous deeds - Alleluia!

Of saints, Christ does meet their needs - Alleluia!




  • orchidee

    Will ya hear me among the multitude? You'll know it's me - two cats fighting, yes?! heehee.

  • Michael Edwards

    Did you run out of Alleluias - there isn't one in the title. I can send you one in the post if you want. Fine write nonetheless.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Michael. Yes, ran out of them. A guy was bit miffed that this was the refrain after EVERY line of a hymn - as it is here! He found it tiresome. never thought he would reach the end of the hymn!

    • Heartwriter

      A great write! Thanks for sharing.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Heart.

      • Laura


        We have Christmas in July...
        So why not Easter in August!😊


        A victorious one indeed!


        • orchidee

          Thanks Laura.

        • Claudelle DeLuna

          Lovely! Orchidee
          Don't run out of Alleluias! :)
          Always share them.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Claudelle.

          • Goldfinch60

            Did you mention Alleluia?

            • orchidee

              Yep. or it could be Hallelujah, or even Alleluya - see the spellings?!

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