The magic mirror haunted me with its revelations

So I ripped it into to a thousand blessed damnations

Now the image is multiplied

Stalking me my own thousand truthful eyes


I cannot bear the vision of the shattered glass

Biggest of the pieces pierces hard and fast

Dagger in my hand

Murderous intentions land


I stab my chest: rip out my emptiness

The shattered mirror drinks up beloved heiress

It shines around for all to see

The victim that it made of me


Lifeless I watch the coroner make his examination

Oh it all began with Daddy was his clichéd declaration

The day he broke her mother's nose

Or perhaps the day upon her petrol throwed?


No no, I think there's more to see

The time he made her believe in he

Maybe when her mother was too weak to fight?

To keep her daughter in her sight?


What about deceiving lover's part

She was so free with love and heart

Happily gave herself away

To anyone prepared to stay


Pleased to give her soul to rape

Accepted it all as her fate

Believed in sanctity of broken souls

Thought in her they could be whole


Believed that maybe they would mend

And in return could be her friend

Or maybe they would set her free

From the wretched soul that became of she


But no! Magic mirror on the wall

Told the story of lady's fall

In the end she made a choice

The only way to have a voice


No more a victim at others' will

She possessed herself

Her blood to spill

So in the end and ever after

Her demise was not the fault of life

She became her own







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    this is an epic piece of poetry; I've read it three times through already.

    Something quite amazing & visual about the first stanza:

    The magic mirror haunted me with its revelations
    So I ripped it into to a thousand blessed damnations
    Now the image is multiplied
    Stalking me my own thousand truthful eyes.

    The image of the reflection being multiplied by the fragments is brilliantly crafted.

    A poem often needs a good start to keep the reader involved; you carved that intro with such clever & genius style that I was absorbed & was glued to my screen reading.

    I'm not one for declaring a favourite poem but this has really made me see this as probably the best piece of writing you've written that I've read.



    • sylviasearcher

      Oh I am not a great poet like you but appreciate the comment.

      I started writing stories on another website a long time ago.

      It helps me breathe.

      This one kept me awake last night but i think there were about three ideas and this is what formed early this morning.

      Then I wrote a desperate scene for a book I've been writing a wee while!

      Thanks for reading! Three times! πŸŽ‰

      • Unsub


        would love to read some of those stories.

        We could swap short stories; I have about 10.

        Maybe I'll private message you one to start us off. Can be like our own book club.


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      • Claudelle DeLuna

        Great poem! Sylvia
        I like how you described it.
        I also enjoyed the song & music.

        • sylviasearcher

          Thanks for indulging me in my darkness Claudelle πŸ–€

        • Poetic Dan

          Wow... Is this a story?

          • sylviasearcher

            I suppose all poems tell a story.

            Thanks for the wow. Was it a good wow?

          • Michael Edwards

            One of the top drawer postings - keep writing.

            • sylviasearcher

              Thanks Michael. This one gave me a sleepless night!

            • H. Ray Davis

              Whoa! I’m new on here and don’t know how to make a pile on my favorite. When I learn how to do this will be mine.

              • sylviasearcher

                Thanks H Ray. You click the star 🌟

              • Neville

                wickedly ragged and real.. once started, I felt compelled to see it through to the bitter end.. powerful stuff indeed and with loads of potentially powerful subliminal messages and archetypes .. both Young and Freud would have a field day.. Bravo...

                • sylviasearcher

                  Not sure that's a compliment.

                  It is a very laid bare piece. It's lack of beauty is certainly unavoidable.

                  It is inwardlyband outwardly bitter.

                  There are no heroes or heroines.

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