Please dear lord...

We’re given pain

For lessons to gain

But I can’t stop questioning why

To my complete disappointment I then had to question the relationship of you and I 

I don’t understand 

why you gave me that man 

to break my heart numerous times

I prayed hard to you so much 

For him to grow up and be mine


Years later I still don’t know

The answers of the lesson

Or where to go..

Why haven’t you healed my aching heart

Why do I still want him if you made us part


Why do I still feel sad 

Why can’t I fall in love again

Why won’t you answer me

It’s making me mad!


Give me a sign

Tell me what to do

It’s all out of my control

It’s all down to you

Please Lord heal my soul


I’ve had enough hardship

I need this to end

Tell me the lesson

Please make me understand 

Or let the angels tell me

I’m begging you to give the order to send

Send someone, anyone to just make amends 

Guide me, console me 

Put a stop to my misery my lord




  • misskay

    Always my friend x


    Oooo SISTER KAY ~ I can empathise with this one! Before God directed me to BRIAN : a couple of years ago : My relationships with Men always fell short of expectations. Because I was a Masseuse (as well as a Physio) I was POPULAR, but it was all about what I could give them, when all I wanted was to be loved. BRIAN was different ! We both knew GOD had brought us together : I was 28 & He was 33! He loved a TOP to TOE Massage but BRIAN loved Me for my inner self and we really want to get married (Easter 2020). We are praying the LORD will have the right MAN for YOU : OK. Thanks for sharing : Love You ANGELA ๐Ÿงก Please check BRIANS Poem : AUTUMN LEAVES

  • misskay

    Thank you Angela ๐Ÿ’
    Hopefully the good lord will answer my prayers too.

  • Poetic Dan

    Wow, that was powerful.
    The signs are everywhere and yours are too, with a heart felt writing like this. You will understand more soon, maybe let go of control and just float it.

    Thank you for sharing your pain
    Much love and respect

  • orchidee

    A fine write misskay. I'm not the man for anyone. But why? Cos I start singing, and that scares everyone off! heehee.

  • misskay

    Thank you dan x
    Haha you do make me giggle orchidee x

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