The Retired Bloke

Stop Chewing Dear....

Take out your chewing gum dear

I thought it’d be perfectly clear

That to chew when serving coffee or tea

So rigorously that we could easily see

The bit of gum going round and round

Surely this bit of advice is not so profound

It’s simply manners and customer service

To pay us the respect, simply stop chewing 

So that I can stop thinking about pursuing 

Another place to go

To drink my macchiato. 


  • Goldfinch60

    I thoroughly agree with you. Manners are being seriously eroded in today’s culture.

  • Unsub


    how does chewing gum ruin the taste of your coffee?

    The person may have a confidence issue & chewing gum helps them or they may be trying to give up smoking; better to chew than pass you the coffee whilst holding a cig?

    Anyway I'm just looking at it from a chewers point of view.

    It's the person inside that counts.

    I still enjoyed the poem & thought I'd add a response on their behalf!

    No offence my friend.


    • The Retired Bloke

      No worries. There are always two points of view. When I was working in a bank chewing in front of customers was a no go. However I do see your point of view. Glad the poem created a reaction.

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