with me its us not i

but the captain at the helm

will surely try

not to overwhelm

it takes courage and perservering

not what you heard overhearing

all of us are loners alright

looking for some kind of insight

and from that which we claim

is not others that we blame

for our misgivings

because we are all the same



  • orchidee

    A fine write Pauly.

    • onepauly

      I thank-you orch

    • kevin browne

      You hit the nail perfectly with your wording of this poem. Don't give up on the loneliness of life because if you search deep enough the fruits of togetherness will bring us back together, Good write, onepauly.

      • onepauly

        we all need a friend.

      • Nicholas Browning

        Hahhhhh, you got me there good fellow, yes you did.
        Okay. Let's talk about it.
        Yes. You're right. We are all the same. I can't deny it. Human nature can be compared to color. Blue is in many ways different from pink, but it is still a color. So yeah, you're right.
        And I see what you did there, don't think I don't. It is indeed true that people will try their best to say that a certain demographic is responsible for this, or that: But we all play a vital part in the song.

        In the end, It's true.
        We're all lonely people looking for insight.
        Whether it's pink,
        Or sky blue.

        Nice one sir. Pulled a fast one on us.

        • onepauly

          looks like you took the bait.
          ha! ha! ha! thank you.

        • Michael Edwards

          We are all the same yet different - not sure I can get my head round this - errr....!

          • onepauly

            don't take it to seriously
            its only poetry.

          • Goldfinch60

            Very good write, we each have our own ways but we are always better when we come together in agreement.

            • onepauly

              how right you are.

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