Cleaning Space.

They send a rocket into space,
At a vast cost,
And what does it do?
It gathers debris,
Man-made debris,
With a net.
Yes, it is man’s debris,
And we put it there,
But if we can clean up space,
Why cannot,
We clean up Earth.


  • orchidee

    Was that us two? Did we forget to empty the dustbins when we were on the moon? I recall, as you wrote, of us meeting the earthlings who landed there in 1969. But meanwhile - I dread visiting some public toilets. It can be a horror show and assault the senses. it's too much info to give more detail!

    • Goldfinch60

      No we left no mess as we always pick up the whisky and sherry bottles and put them out for recycling.


      Thanks UNCLE ANDY ~ I read that and I thought of me cleaning the leaves form my Mum's pond ~ with a NET which was invented 1000's of years ago ! New Zealand is much cleaner than the UK due to the fact that they are very conservation minded but also the fact that NZ has the same area as the UK but 15 times fewer |PEOPLE ~ PEOPLE cause LITTER ! I started work @ 16 and it annoys me that there are 100's of ABLE BODIED scroungers on BENEFITS ~ which the Streets are unswept and the Fruit unpicked ~ Its a MAD MAD MAD World ! Love BOWIE a true GENIUS ~ sadly missed ! Blessings BRIAN ~ ANGELA sends Her Love to JOYCE XXXX

      • Goldfinch60

        Thanks Brian,

        it did seem a bit odd to me that they used a net.

      • Christina8

        I know right? There's tons of debris, straws and junk floating around in huge debris fields in the ocean but we are cleaning up space. Great write, Andy!

        • Goldfinch60

          Yes Christina, it seems so very strange that space appears to be worth cleaning up more than our Earth.

        • Laura


          You write such truths! At times it seems like this sphere we live in will implode...
          fortunately our Spirit will take flight!

          I enjoyed the video of David Bowie! One of my favorites!

          My love to Joyce and you!


          • Goldfinch60

            Thank you Laura, yes we know our Spirit will always be there.

            • Laura

              Happy Sunday! 😊

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