A Will And A Way

Tune: St Peter (Reinagle)

('How sweet the name of Jesus sounds')


Help us O Lord, reveal your way

And guide us every day

Inspire us, and your purpose show

That we your way shall go


Where stuck or dull, not much progress

Yet you there still to bless

None useless nor ungifted be

Grace granted e'en to me


Your plans, purposes, for each one

Made sure through Christ your Son

Still loved and saved, sheep in His fold

You do each gently hold


Give wisdom, aid, and all we need

To serve you true indeed

Your Spirit, Comforter, abides

In humble hearts resides


So none are left bereft, for you

Come, visit us anew

And e'en stay in souls washed from sin

Your presence pure within


O light a light, kindle a flame

That brings you honour, fame

Stir my sometimes small love for you

For your sake act and do


That all may be to glorify

You, hear my prayer, my cry

Glory of yours ne'er selfish, proud

With perfection endowed


Thus more of you, and less of me

May each person here see

For to you be praise evermore

We worship and adore



  • Goldfinch60


    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold.

    • Michael Edwards

      It that William - did you see him yesterday? Who is Waymond? Was he there as well?

      • orchidee

        Yes, who is this Will? Yep, could have been the Conqueror guy - or Conkeror. Was Waymond his brother?

        • Michael Edwards

          Waymond Conkeror - yup - that's him - he led the troops who fought with conkers on string - guess that's where he got his name from.

          It's all falling into place now.

        • FineB

          Thank you Orchidee.

          You certainly know how to lift spirits with your beautiful words.

          Keep writing

          • orchidee

            Thanks Fine.

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