Rejoicing Reassurances

Tune: Little Cornard

('Hills of the north, rejoice')


Psalm 84 v.1-2

How amiable be

Your dwellings, Lord, we see

Your tabernacles here

How lovely they appear

My soul longs, e'en for your courts faints

There your abode with no sin's taints


Psalm 84 v.1-2

My heart and flesh cry out

You are the Lord, no doubt

I cry, I call to you

You me strengthen, renew

O LORD of hosts, of endless power

You reign unto eternal hours


Psalm 84 v.11

You LORD, a sun and shield

Are, may we to you yield

You will give grace, glory

And no good thing there be

Withholden from them that live right

And do that pleasing in your sight


Psalm 85 v.7-8

Lord, show us your mercy

Then we comforted be

Grant us your salvation

Unto every nation

I will hear what the LORD will speak

He will speak peace to humble, meek


Psalm 85 v.11-12

Truth from the earth shall spring

The land with praises ring

Righteousness shall look down

From heaven to every town

Yes, the LORD good things shall us give

Our land shall increase, we shall live


Psalm 86 v.3-4

Be merciful to me

 O Lord, I cry daily

Unto you, make me glad

Rejoicing, and not sad

For to you Lord I lift my soul

Come to me, I pray, make me whole 


Psalm 86 v.9-10

All nations whom you made

Shall come and be arrayed

Before you, and worship

Serve you in deed and lip

O Lord, you they shall glorify

And shall know your great presence nigh



  • Goldfinch60

    Very good Orchi.
    Also you have chosen one of my favourite tunes.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. Only seem to hear it in Advent mostly.


      GREAT HYMN UNCLE STEVE & its almost November and we have had snow so lets open the AVENT Song Book ! Love the scripture poems ~ lots of Rhyming Couplets !
      1. We long to Board ~ with the LORD
      2. We know that YOU ~ can strengthen & renew
      3. Live Right and you are Pleasing ~ in His Sight
      4. Salvation for every Nation
      5. TRUTH shall Spring & PRAISES Ring !
      6. Lift my SOUL & make me WHOLE
      7. NATIONS shall Glorify & Lift YOU High

      Thanks for sharing & caring ~ BRIAN !

      • orchidee

        Thanks Brian.

      • Laura


        A fine write! Let us all be amiable and forgiving!


        • orchidee

          Thanks Laura. Unhappily we can meet some un-amiable people in life too at times!

          • Laura

            That’s for certain! We’ll keep on advocating the positive!😊

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