The Retired Bloke

I’ve Always Been a Beer Drinker

I’ve always been a beer drinker

Didn’t care too much for spirits

But when I did it had to be

A simple glass of G&T


The other day I was in a bar

Thinking of what to drink

Fancied something different

But here was my predicament


When I said I think I’ll have a G&T 

They looked at me confused

We have 50 sorts of gin for you

Here take a look at our menu. 


There was so much to choose from

A brand from every town and city

And what is this fuss about tonic botanical

The choice in the past was full fat or low cal


So many combinations to choose from

Plus the dilemma of what fruit to add

Standing there scratching my head

I decided to have a beer instead. 


  • Goldfinch60

    So true nowadays, our local cinema had a gin tasting evening for people so that they could decide which of the ten gins they offered was most like.

    As for beer, I will have a pint of Pig's Ear please.

  • orchidee

    Try all 50 gins - yes? Then you'll know which one is best for you. Pity you may be on the floor blotto, by the time you've tasted them all!

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