Fay Slimm





Shaking a fist at what wishes to harm,
calmly facing
her troubled fears of alarm 
Love appeals
heart-deep when a drama 
which threatens to flood her with tears 
and nets a spirited army.


To rise erect when insulted pride falls,
determined at
starting all over again,
Love brushes
away any secret pain
of clutched-too-tight humiliation
no blame at anyone's door.


Such traits shown frees a resolute 
action that,
reflecting widening minds,
may tackle
hurt at root level with selfless 
by a "ce-la-vie" humour.


Learning to laugh not at but with

differing views 

Love finds the way to beauty
and peace
lies in accepting the need to prove
life makes sense
if room is allowed for free spirit.


  • Michael Edwards

    Fay you write some superb lines which all weld together into a glorious whole - another beauty.

  • orchidee

    Another fine write Fay.


    Thanks SISTER FAY : Its 8 am Tuesday here and this is just the sort of encouragement a LADY (trying to cope with a Professional Job) : NEEDS ! I need to be SPIRITED in every aspect of my Job as a DEDICATED HEALER !

    LOVE is the ANSWER !
    Defiant in the face of adversity
    Standing Tall in the face of humiliation
    Proud & Erect to eradicate : Hurt @ root level
    LOVE always finds a way to BEAUTY & PEACE ~ AMEN

    This mantra will help me with all and any situations : I may face today ~ OK

    Thanks for caring & sharing
    Peace & Love : ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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