Dismissive Denial

Tune: Malvern

(one tune to 'Jesus, where'er thy people meet')

John 18 v.15-17 & v.24-27


John's Gospel Series (22)


At Jesus' trial, two disciples

One followed Him in palace halls

For He, John, was to high priest known

Leaving Peter outside alone


John asked that Peter be brought in

To palace halls, to come within

And servant girl that kept the door

Said, 'Are you His disciple sure?'


Peter said no, he did deny

With group in palace did ally

Who said to him, 'Are not you too

One of His disciples, it true?'


Peter denied again, here see

It was not me, it could not be

Then one of high priest's servants so

Said, 'You know Jesus, Him you know'


'For did not I see you, was when

In the garden you with Him then?'

Peter again denied, then heard

Cockerel's crow, prophetic bird


For Jesus had said to Peter

A true word did on him confer

That before the cockerel crows he

Would deny Jesus thrice, so be


  • Goldfinch60

    Good one Orchi.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold.


      Thanks UNCLE STEVE : Nice Joanna and Words & Music for us to sing along : love it. We honour Peter as a Leader in the early Church. I love his portrayal as the big bluff FISHERMAN in Films. His EPISTLES (Letters) are very very practical ! And yet he could DENY our Lord THRICE (powerful word !). However You & I are capable of denying JESUS : if & when it suits us : we are Human just like PETER ! Thank GOD we have a forgiving GOD : who picks us up and dusts down and is prepared to use us as His Witnesses on Earth again & again. Thanks for another uplift : Its 11pm here so time I logged off and 'hit the sack' AMEN !
      Love in the Spirit ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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