Spiritual Warfare

Tune: Melita

('Eternal Father, strong to save')

Ephesians 6 v.10-18


Be strong in the lord, and the power

Of His might, needed every hour

The whole armour of God put on

Then the devil's schemes you will none

Be overcome by, but will stand

Possess all the spiritual land


For our battle is spiritual

Against the wicked powers all

Of rulers, darkness, realms evil

That may be hidden disguised well

So withstanding with armour on

And still stand when all victory won


Have belt of truth upon your loins

Against the devil's lies, purloins* (*stealing)

Have on breastplate of righteousness

We made righteous in Christ, no less

Have feet shod with shoes, readiness

To share the gospel, others bless


Take shield of faith, wherewith you shall

Quench fiery darts of wicked well

Take helmet of salvation sure

Assured you are saved evermore

Take sword of Spirit, God's word 'tis

Each word true, perfect, certain this


And too weapon of prayer always

Use and employ through all your days

All kinds of prayer in the Spirit

Pray, in communion with Him knit

Watch and pray, persevere, proclaim

Message of gospel in Christ's name




    Thanks MON ONCLE STEVE Two of my faves ~ Hymn & Scripture ! I was born on the NW COAST and now live on the S E COAST ~ So I have always been conscious of the Perils of the sea ! The ARMOUR of GOD (based on the Roman Armour) was very protective and more so when they all used their Shield as a collective cover. I have seen this reenacted ! All the ARMOUR is Defensive except the SWORD of the SPIRIT ~ which is THE WORD OF GOD ! When JESUS was tempted by the DEVIL ~ Jesus didnt say "Dont be silly Im JESUS you cant tempt me" NO he used His Sword and quoted Scripture @ the Devil ~who gave up and "Departed from HIM for a Season !"
    We can use that same SWORD and it does not have to be an AV (with Schofields notes) to be effective ! Yours as always BRIAN ! Please check our latest FUSION ~ Whats Christmas About ? Thanks B & A !

    • Laura

      Mi รจ piaciuto molto questo commento!

      • orchidee

        Thanks B&A.

      • Laura

        Glad you finally could post your poem! No glitches this time! My aunt, a devout Catholic, was waiting for me to read your daily share! When Iโ€™m with my mom, I do the same thing for her! Your hymn/poems are appreciated...worldwide!๐Ÿ˜‰


        • orchidee

          Thanks Laura. I'm a bit out of sequence now. We have to wait 24 hours before we can upload another (new) poem.

          • Laura

            Iโ€™m looking forward to it!๐Ÿ˜Š

          • dusk arising

            So brainwasheth the lord eh?

            • orchidee

              Well, it's called spiritual warfare. It's not man fighting against man. It's unseen spiritual realms.
              meanwhile - should I use 'eth' more at the end of words? it would make more words rhyme. Just about any word in fact. is that 'cheating'? heehee.

              • dusk arising

                Interesting question. I suppose the answer lies within one's own approach to poetry and there are many differing approaches/styles to be seen on MPS.
                For me rules go out of the window and i write freely. However i can see that it would be a fun experiment to create a piece where each line ends with an 'eth' word.

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              • Goldfinch60

                Good one once more Orchi.

                • orchidee

                  Thanks Gold.

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