lonely poet


Hope strikes the water
Causing an explosion,
The ripples breathe
Touching other souls,
One collides with another
Soon, the pond is alive,
Touching countless stars
Flowing across time,
Reliving moments
And dedicating themselves,
To continue on.



    WELCOME TO MPS FRIEND ~ Thanks for an excellent first poem with an exposition of the Ripple Effect. At the weekend I stayed in a Hostel and in the grounds there was a little lake with an ugly bent pipe issuing a meagre trickle of water into the lake. BUT ~ that ugly pipe & trickle produced the most beautiful circular widening ripple pattern which had just sufficient energy to reach the circumference ! There were obstacles in the pond and as a ripple struck them it created secondary wave patterns. It ran day & night and at night (due to the security lights) it did resemble a thousand twinkling stars ! That experience and Your Poem reminded me that life is like a Ripple Tank and as Faith ~ Hope ~ Love strike the surface of our lives it produces ripples which bounce of on to others producing continual (day & night) Love ~ Peace ~ Joy ! Your poem (like the ripples) is infinite. Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK). I share my site with My Fiance ANGELA. Please check our Poems ~ Thanks B ! MPS works by reading & commenting on each others Poems ~ OK !

  • lonely poet

    I am touched to have your comments, thank you. I am glad if my poem brought some good memories to share. I look forward to reading from both of you.

  • Goldfinch60

    Those ripples go on forever and each ripple is a moment in our lives and every moment is important.
    Welcome to MPS.

    • lonely poet

      Thank you Goldfinch60.

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