Michael Edwards







Spring rolls

Summer diet.


Spring tide

Summer flood


Summer grass

Autumn hay


Summer flowering

Autumn berries


Autumn leaves

Winter waves


Autumn colours

Winter blues


Winter time

Spring broken


Winter wheat

Spring rolls





  • onepauly

    nicely put.

  • Michael Edwards

    Sorry I've been off the radar for 48 hours - all those who read the comments under my last posting will understand why. Anyway I'm back and as for this posting it's yet another form I have devised and and is a good filler-in when you have just a few moments to spare. The 'rules' are so obvious it's not even worth explaining them. Let me know what you think.

  • orchidee

    A fine write and pic again Michael.
    Where is Spring rolling to? Down a hill? Good wishes too.

    • Michael Edwards

      a spring will always roll if you put it on its side - if you put it upright you can sit on it and bounce.


      WOW UNCLE MIKE : You and Brian are always teaching me new poetic FORMS ! Its 11 pm (Thursday) so Im catching up in MPS before I hit the SACK ! I love this form because : like me : its Trim & Slim ! It is OBVIOUS but also SUBTLE ! Spring : Summer (x 2) Summer : Autumn (x 2) Autumn : Winter (x 2) and Winter : Spring (x 2) An OCTET of four DOUBLETS ! The Season is followed by a single word descriptor. Also the First Line & the Last Line must be IDENTICAL : I have a very analytical mind ! I have written mine to post tomorrow : please judge it on its structure ! I love all facets of MPS : it keeps me POETICAL ! Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Michael Edwards

        Ah dear Angela - Its helped to make my recovery all the better to know that you enjoyed this little form - its great fun isn\'t it. Really looking forward to seeing yours tomorrow.

      • Fay Slimm.

        A fine array of the follow-ups as season gives way to season in these enthralling lines Michael. So so pleased to read you are up and about again after your recent ordeal --hope things go on now according to expectations keep taking care my friend.

        • Michael Edwards

          Beginning to feel quite tired - made loads of phone calls today to thank all those involved and a friend has just visited - so a big lass of wine is called for and a doze

        • orchidee

          Oohh, *staggers back in amazement* now you and your witticisms have returned! Is there a Mr De Witt E. Sizum? And why I am talking rubbish?! heehee.

          • Michael Edwards

            I got some of them from Juan Liner

            • orchidee

              All these people involved in poetry\'s aspects. Do ya know many of 'em?!

            • Laura


              So glad you’re on a roll again!😉
              Great doublets! Fun to read!
              Thank you for sharing!
              All the best!


              • Michael Edwards

                Actually beginning to feel a bit drained now - 2 ops both under GA within 7 days so it's to be expected I guess. Thanks so much Laura

                • Laura


                • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

                  Nice seasonal imagery and your drawing is excellent.


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