Michael Edwards









On miry tracks with ponderous thoughts

released from adamantine chains

she  walked alone in dishabille

suppressing pained ingratitude.


Undeterred by remonstrance

and held in liberties embrace

with attitude of meek repose

she stood in subtle symmetry.


She smiled with  natural impulses

and at her feet the river tinged

in blue beneath a trellised bridge

her profile framed by arches.


And there upon the morning grass

beneath a cloud of waning tears

she drank the dews of dawn.






  • onepauly

    a love story?
    if its not
    I love the morning dew

    in the summertime.

    • Michael Edwards

      I'm not sure - just love writing poetry that gives hints and leaves room for the readers imagination to work.

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic Michael. Was she French - dishabille?!
      I'm off to see some artist's works now, at some Open Studios. Ooh!

      • Michael Edwards

        I'm envious - wish I could visit with you but still too weak to get about. Yes French - she eats the frogs in the estuary mud!

        • orchidee

          Thanks M. Best wishes still. How's that evening? lol

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Good Morning Uncle Michael : Its 10:30 pm here ! Warm sunny day (21C) and Ive been sailing again ! Love the FARM PAINTING : Id love to live in the Country but : because of work we will probably have to live in Town when I return to Essex in 2019 - 20. Love the Poem : I have called it 'Murmurings of Love' because as you say (in your answer to OP) it is an open ended love Poem leaving the interpretation to the reader. I love WORDS and DISHABILLE is a classic. You have the same gift as FAY : to graft lovely words into your Poems : I guess it comes with time. BRIAN has posted today on Colour & Rainbows : please check. Love in the Muse : ANGEL🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks so much Angela - but I do have to try out different forms and love the whimsy - I couldn't write these all the time

          • dusk arising

            This lovely gal and her life's experience qualify her for free entry upon my 'must meet' list. Has she a dawg?

            Lovely use of vocabulary. Were u educated at Bash Street Junior School?

            • Michael Edwards

              Yes - sh's got a bacon dawg which is dating a sausage dawg and yes again - they knew me as Smiffy - darn good School

            • Laura


              Another awesome write with a fantastic painting! You’re incredible!

              Take care of yourself! Don’t overdo it!

              Enjoy your weekend!


            • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

              Again, quite an impressive poem Michael and I love your painting/drawing.

              You are extremely talented and a joy to read. :-)

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks so much Tamara - It's comments like yours which I value so much as they give me the confidence and encouragement to keep writing. Also I love writing in different forms from the outright serious to the whimsy which helps keep me on the toes and my work fresh - or so I like to think. Thanks again.

                • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

                  Yes, I agree with you about writing in different forms. It's not only challenging, but lots of fun. Take care.

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