Praise - Ta-kah

Tune and Hymn: Ode To Joy

Psalm 47 v.1-2


Ta-kah, to strike, to smite the hands

To clap to the Lord, all lands

All you people, shout to God, raise

Him a song of joyful praise

With the voice of triumph proclaim

Him the Lord, and His great name

Ever endures, he is most high

Yet by grace we may draw nigh


Praise and joy and celebration

Let it flow from each nation

That the glory got ot the Lord

He the true and living Word

Employ all instruments, voices

Each one in Him rejoices

Lord of heaven, earth, and sea, sky

We to you for refuge fly


Extempore, or set formal

Ways by which we on you call

You do hear, attend our needs sure

You we worship and adore

Praising here on earth, and angels

joining in song, each tongue tells

You are worthy of all we give

You Lord who do ever live






    Ahhhhhhhh UNCLE STEVE ~ ODE TO JOY ~ I love Beethoven his music always so so Positive ! It brings back many Memories of Weddings and Evangelical Funerals ~ AMEN Psalm 47 always a great Blessing Clap your hands all the People ~ Shout to the LORD with a voice of Triumph ~ This mirrors an Evening service we have once a Month (Sunday Evening 6 - 8 pm !) called SHEKINAH ! God never intended WORSHIP to be SEPULCHRAL ! I think that was Victorian innovation ? When I visit a Church with a Drum Kit prominently displayed ~ I know t hat Church will still be active in 2068 ~ when I will be 85 and still Praising the Lord and enjoying Contemporary Worship ~ AMEN ! Always appreciate your postings ~ Yours BRIAN

    • orchidee

      Thanks B&A. There's the practical thing too (I'm getting old!) of sitting in big draughty church buildings - or not? We won't enjoy the services much. We'll be fussing and wanting them to end quick, as it can be warmer outside sometimes! I had tastes and experiences of all sorts and styles. I don't mind modern, if not too 'wild'! You're gonna be 117 anyway. heehee. Oh, I know some 'sepulchral' - you're not joking! Yet most of my hymn-poems are of traditional tunes.

    • Blackhawkwings

      Psalm 47, is among my dozen or so that I recite from memory. Although, I grew up listening to the Blues and R& B legends (Motown); I, enjoy Beethoven. Thanks for the Writing.

      • orchidee

        Thanks BH.

      • Goldfinch60

        Another good one Orchi.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold.

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