Meandering Moments

Tune: Lauda Anima

('Praise, my soul, the King of heaven')


Come to God, if mournful, sad be

He does every heart full see

With His people, He does direct

By His Spirit, no need fret

Going on in His way daily

Help us still to watch and pray


Holding to the sure foundation

Christ, Saviour of each nation

Gospel message to proclaim sure

Reaching to each coast and shore

Hope arising in hearts made free

Forgiven, with liberty


Living Lord, through all the ages

To all peoples, all stages

Of your grace and mercy,  save us

You give us life, we confess

Trusting in your love, so may we

In you find our destiny


  • Goldfinch60

    As my wife says "Pwaise Him, Pwaise him"

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. Church today for you?

    • Michael Edwards

      I had a meandering moment and I still can't find it.
      Great write as always Orchi.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Michael. I must have been meandering by a riverside or something, then wrote this soon after. You know Ms Mia Ann Derring?!

        • Michael Edwards

          Yes she is a member of a large family - I know her brother Dan and her sister Mol.
          Have you found my moment yet?

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          THANKS UNCLE STEVE : Great Hymn & a Great Poem today very uplifting : Its 10:45 am MONDAY HERE ! First clinic is 2 pm (MONDAY) several Teens Booked in for PHYSIOTHERAPY : they always have lots of Questions about external treatments like MASSAGE : ACUPUNCTURE : AQUATHERAPY : REFLEXOLOGY : AROMATHERAPY etc all of which I am qualified to practice ! NZ & OZ are more acceptable of Alternative Medicine : What do you think ? Love ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • orchidee

            Thanks Angela. Well, I'm open to some alternative medicine/therapies. in fact, I saw someone who does all sorts of stuff - some OK, some cranky or spooky. To one cranky method I say: I don't want to be 're-born' by standing on me head. I thought: I've got enough to do with being the right way up, let alone standing on me head! If it was meant to be, surely God would have given us feet on our head.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            HI MON ONCLE STEVE : Please check my Sunday Poem : SUNDAY : Thanks A 🧡🧡

            • orchidee

              Which one of you is 'HEXAGON'?!

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