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Requiem in Blue


Requiem in Blue

Into the twilight hour she flees; her tears,
stream as babbling brooks and yet her road -
too dark to notice shadows in the night,
too bleak to see the creatures braced for flight.


They stalk her every inch along the way;
she's forced, by will, to quicken her snail's pace.


At once, she feels claws gripping at her back.
A devil's brew in crimson, thickly flows;
and yet, the dark obliterates its path,
along her thighs to fill her mud-soaked boots.
And in this fleeting moment she is trapped.


A second creature lunges at her throat,
she gasps for breath; the larynx severed through.


No time, at all, to think about the kids,
her husband, and her futile shattered life.


The silent screams are seen within her eyes,
yet, there are none to witness her torment.


And in that nanosecond she fades to blue:
her brightest hour, as she succumbs to death.




    THANKS TAMARA FOR SHARING A VERY TRAGIC FANTASY ! And yet the sequence you describe reflects in essence the daily experience of many Ladies. I am a CHURCH WORKER and a Student Counselor in College. I hear tales of such experience mainly from Ladies but also Men. Thanks for raising our awareness of LIFE (& DEATH) as it is experienced by many. On a TV Program Tonight some were saying they just wanted the RELEASE of DEATH ! Thanks for caring ~ Yours BRIAN

    • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

      Yes, Brian, I completely understand your sentiment. Women (as well as men) should think carefully before making the decision to venture out into the night alone. In brief, "Think before you act."

      Thanks for offering feedback. 🙂

    • Goldfinch60

      Death of our body is always going to be there but our Spirit will go on forever on it's journey to infinity.

      • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

        Yes, what you state is true; however, why rush it. People, especially women, should think before they venture out alone at night. Thanks for your input. 🙂

      • orchidee

        A good write Tamara.
        If not so serious a theme, I would have said 'Oohh she's a naughty gal; I told her not to go out late at night; she didn't listen; she should have gone to bed early and not gone out; now she's having a bad-hair day (night)!' heehee.
        Come on Orchi, you've not got the hang of the poem's theme! lol.

        • Tamara Beryl Latham - The Poet

          Thanks for your analysis, orchidee. Yes, you are correct. Women take too many chances by going out late by themselves. Some jog late at night and some walk through the woods or unfamiliar neighborhoods. We must also be wise in our decisions to venture out into the night unescorted. We only get one chance, so we should think before we act.

          Thank you for your feedback on this all-too-common problem. 🙂

        • Gary Edward Geraci

          A tragic ending for the protagonist in your work Tamara but a potent reminder that death is looming large for each and every one of us. The time to prepare for a good death is right now, today - only because the time of our death is most certainly, uncertain. Peace my sister.

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