Palace Ponderings

Tune: Ewing

('Jerusalem the golden')


You palaces of Zion

The Lamb and the Lion

Resides there ever, He be

Jesus, Son of God, see

And believers are members

Of His city, each shares

His glory, as He desired

With holy passions fired


Here to abide for ever

No dark, no sin, never

For 'tis God's residency

Eternal, perfect be

Though human hands form beauty

Far greater treasures we

Shall by His grace inherit

None shall hinder, forfeit


Walk about Zion(*), and tell

God has made all things well

Surpassing earthly joys though

All made by Him, we know

Light perpetual shines here for

The Dayspring(#) reigns e'ermore

And blessings on His people

The Lord does sure outpour


O lighten our hearts, we wait

To share in royal state

Of Rapture, where all shall be

Perfect forever, see

Guard, guide us, while on earth we

May know your Spirit free

Then things infinite revealed

Not one good thing concealed(@)


(*) From part of Psalm 48

(#) From Luke 1 v.78

(@) From part of Psalm 84



  • Michael Edwards

    Fine work - where did you take the pew?

    • orchidee

      Thanks M. Yes, I nicked the pew. It was an exhibit in the Museum. Poem is eschatological (eska-ter-logical), i.e. to do with the end times. Who sneezed then? 'Ahh-eska-tishoo-logical'! Long sneeze there.
      Aww, and why did they try to collect me and put me back in the 1066 section of the Museum? Two guys in white coats it was. Did they work for the Museum though? lol.

      • Michael Edwards

        Sorry haven't got time to reply - there's two chaps in white coats at the door.

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      • orchidee

        Hey, looks like a ghost in that clip, before you start playing it. Just to the right of the organist. See it? Though I'm sceptical of seeing ghosts.

      • Goldfinch60

        Another good one Orchi.

        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold. See the 'ghost' before you start playing the clip?

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