BRIAN & I : We love to explore

UP & DOWN steps in Pastures new

Venturing through a PRIVATE DOOR

For to explore : enjoy the view !


UP & DOWN steps in Pastures new

Lost in FRANCE or rural PENZANCE

For to explore : enjoy the view

Footsteps for US are a Game of Chance !


Lost in FRANCE or rural PENZANCE

Reading a MAP that*s upside down

Footsteps for US are a Game of Chance

In a New Village : In a New Town !


Reading a MAP that*s upside down 

Makes US go LEFT when WE should go RIGHT

In a New Village : In a New Town 

Arrive at the INN in the Dead of Night !


Make US go LEFT when we should go RIGHT

Venturing through a PRIVATE DOOR 

Arrive at the INN in the Dead of Night 

BRIAN & I : We love to explore !


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A PANTOUM is a classical poetic form ~ in which each line

is repeated systematically once only !  Lines 2 & 4 in Verse

One become Lines 1 & 3 (Lines 2 & 4 are new) in Verse Two.

This process is continued until the Final Verse. You decide how

many verses you want ~ in the above case FIVE. In the case of

the Final Verse ~ Lines 2 & 4 of the Penultimate Verse are Lines

3 & 1 of Verse One !  In this way every line is repeated TWICE and

the First & Last line of the PANTOUM are identical. Strangely it

really does work in practice ! Why not try one for Yourself ? !









WHEN I was courting ANGELA

I always brought Her Red Roses

HER PADRE (A Spanish Wine Merchant) say

Better to bring her VINO RIOJA TINTO !

HER MADRE say ROSAS mejor por Senorita Bonita !


I always take Snr PEDRO a Cigar

I always take Snra MARIA chocolates !

PEDRO y MARIA love me ~ which is good

ANGELA also Loves me ~ which is better !

Every FRIDAY night ~ ANGEL stayed @ my Flat

MAMA y PAPA (Catolicos) are very happy ~ because

We promise NO BAMBINOS before MARRIAGE !


When I was courting LA BELLA ANGELA

I always brought her ROSAS ROJAS por AMOR !


Thanks for visit ~ Comments Welcome ~ Love BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡 


In Spanish Culture ~  before you WOO a Senorita

You must first WOO her Parents ! Love BRIAN 🧡🧡


This POEM is presented as a FREE VERSE 5 7 2 Sonnet ! 


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  • Published: December 13th, 2018 03:25
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  • Goldfinch60

    Good write. It is always best to get the parents on side. Her Father has good taste if he suggested Rioja as a gift, it is my favourite wine.


      thanks UNCLE ANDY ~ Just checking MPS in my Lunch Hour ! When I was Young I often knew the Parents of the ladies I courted ! I have always felt it was important because in ESSENCE you marry the Family. I had much to recommend me to Angela's Padre y Madre ! I spoke Spanish ~ Played an Acoustic Guitar ~ I love Spain and had visited several times including SEVILLA ~ Pedro y Maria's Home Town. They trusted me with their Beautiful Daughter. Don Pedro is a distributor of RIOJA in the UK ! Thanks for your comment ~ BRIAN.
      Blessings & Love to You & Joyce 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • orchidee

      A fine write B&A!

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Gracias TIO STEVE ~ Pleased you liked it. I wanted the THREE ELEMENTS ~ Poem ~ Pic & Pitch to present a composite Picture of Spain and the sheer Elegance & Beauty of a Senorita Exceptional ~ like ANGELA !
        Please check our new Fusion on DATES !
        Love & Blessings BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • Christina8

        Very nice trio indeed! Very nice poem for your love.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          HOLA CHRISTINA ~ GRACIAS pot tu commento ~ como estas ? Pleased you like the symbiosis of the three elements ! Don Pedro y Sra Maria really love me because I ticked all the boxes ! A genuine Love for ANGELA ~ A great love for Andalucia & Flamenco ~ Good Spanish ~ a Classical / Folk Guitarist & a lover of Spanish Cuisine & Wine ~ AMEN. In her 20's ANGELA had had some unsatisfactory Suitors and Maria said "YO FUI ENVIADO DE DIOS EN CIELO !" So I can do no wrong. They were HAPPY for Angela to stay with me on a Friday Night and they trust me not to get her pregnant before we are married. While ANGELA is in NZ ~ I go to them for a Meal every Friday Night ! They are devout Catholics but are happy for Angela to be married in the Evangelical Church ~ We attend. We will go to Sevilla for our Honeymoon and will have a Blessing in the Cathedral ~ where Pedro & Maria were married ! AMEN. Hope to have a CHRISTINA 8 Poem ~ Please check our FUSIONS ~ Besos y Abrazos y Amor de Tus Hermanos en El Spirito Sancto ~
          BRIAN y ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

        • Michael Edwards

          Great write and I love the last line.

          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            GRACIAS UNCLE MIKE ~ Pleased you liked it ! As you know I like to get a symbiosis of POEM ~ Pic & Pulsating Music ~ Nice Trio ! Pedro & Maria treat me like an HIJO especially as ANGELA is in NZ ! Yours as always BRIAN.

          • Netashi

            How wholesome an beautiful poem. I chuckled at "no bambinos before marriage". Keep up the splendid work dear friend

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