Michael Edwards




Onions and beans are my staple diet

and so I  fart tear-gas on autopilot

a useful tool  for quelling a riot.



  • A.H. Browning


    A. H. Browning

  • Goldfinch60


    The cartoon brought a big smile to my face, thank you Michael.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - my day is off to a good start.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol M/ How's that daylight? Getting lighter again soon.

      • Michael Edwards

        Nights start drawing in in 6 months time.

        • orchidee

          Boo hoo, we can't win either way! lol.

        • orchidee

          That evening is here super-quick - the Shortest Day. Tomorrow's not much more daylight either! lol.

          • Michael Edwards

            Is it night time yet? I can't tell - it's so dark.

          • orchidee

            Yes, night time now. Why are the nights always dark? Did they always used to be dark? Hmm.

            • Michael Edwards

              No not always dark - not when the lights are on.

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Very DROLL UNCLE MIKE : Beans can produce flatus ! Because my JOB is hands~on I have to be careful : what I eat & drink ! The Aromatherapy Oils I use perfume the Salon so I dont have to worry about negative odours ! Its all taken care of under Health & Safety : Smell Good & Feel Good . Love through ODES :
              Angela 🧡🧡🧡🧡
              Love the PINGUS we do have them in S Island NZ !

            • Neville

              keep your friends close.. but keep your enemies closer...

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