Simon Bromley

The Ocean


Perpetual sapphire immense and unique,

Unassailable saline, wondrous blue deep.

Shimmering waves of delicate notion,

Staggering in grandeur, rhythmic in motion.


Copious with time, such beauty astounds,

Orchestra of entities in darkness profound.

Sonorous with life under twilight aglow,

Silhouette of giants swim delicately below.


Marine alga swept aside with the tide,

Waves crash steadily onto to silver shores.

Flounder in coral confide,

Surreal mass of beasts sweeps the ocean floor.


Blue whales in verse in personified tune,

Unfettered plethora in magical bloom.




  • Neville

    a magnificent subject sir and you have certainly done credit to it here..

    welcome & seasons best... Neville

    • Simon Bromley

      Thank you in kind my friend. Thanks for reading and commenting, merry Christmas to you.

      • Neville

        my sincere pleasure & true.... N

      • orchidee

        A fine, erm, birthday write I see, Simon! Best wishes.
        Don't know why, but part of this fits to the song with 'Chim-chim-cheree' in it. I forgot the title! lol.

        • Simon Bromley

          Lol ok well thanks for reading and commenting. I have just removed myself from another website because I wasn\'t getting any comments or critique. If someone doesn\'t like what I am writing I would appreciate constructive critic. Thank you.

        • Michael Edwards

          Has a great flow to it (no pun intended) - welcome to the site.

          • Simon Bromley

            Thank you kindly I'm enjoying it so far. Much better than the previous site.

            • Michael Edwards

              Although it's an American site there are many British contributors which makes a great mix. Hope to see more of your work in due course.

            • Red

              Your words are incredible and the way you described every line was refreshing to read. Well done!

            • Joanna Garrido

              I am new to any poetry site but have joined this one and Hello Poetry. I enjoyed reading your poem. Nice imagery. Thanks for enjoying my poem and saving it as favourite. I am still finding way round as what you do

            • Goldfinch60

              The sea in all its glory within your words.
              Welcome to MPS.

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