Michael Edwards




A dreamer he

will no more be

he dived in the pond to capture the moon

let’s hope they retrieve his body soon.


  • sylviasearcher

    I love this for lots of different reasons. It reminds me of the protaginist in my book and of the dichotomy of dreaming.

    • Michael Edwards

      Only people who rise from slumber ever dream.

      Whatever that means 😪

    • Goldfinch60

      He will be with the moon that he captured.

    • orchidee

      A fine write and pic M. Miss Berles dived in?!

      • Michael Edwards

        She did straight into a hole in the Emmental

        • orchidee

          I don\'t like Emmental cheese. I only eat the holes in it. (I quite like it really - bit twangy). Do you eat the holes in Polo mints or doughnuts?

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        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Very DROLL UNCLE MIKE ! JUST HAVING AN EARLY LUNCH ~ Hairdressing Science @ 1 pm ~ Never a dull moment ! Love the ABSTRCT with the transient water colour ! We are all dreamers and Ive dived ino some murky waters in my time ~ like the Leeds Liverpool canal and survived (after a stomch pump !) Yours as aways BRIAN !

          • Michael Edwards

            Yes a slightly looser and more fluid approach - pleased you like it.

          • Neville

            is this a tragedy, wimsey or a comedy by any chance... enjoyed tho and that watercolour is summat else... N

            • Michael Edwards

              Written with tongue in cheek so whatever you want it to be pleased you like the watercolour.

              • Neville

                i do indeed...

              • Aislinn Wilson

                Hauntingly tragic but important and inspiring nonetheless. I'm forever a fan of your ability to conjure emotion with so few words. It's good to be back and see poems such as these, especially from you.

                • Michael Edwards

                  You are so kind - I really do appreciate your encouragement. Thanks Aislinn

                • Lorna

                  hahahahaha! He was stupid if you ask me (no one did). Love the "looser and more fluid"...........

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