Life Support

Everything makes sense now

it was all for the best the way it happened 

Life had to show its misery to me first

before it let me off easy

It wasn't going to deal me an easy hand

now I understand


I really wondered how many hits to the heart I could take

how many times my heart could break

I was beginning to think I was invincible

But it still killed me every time, don't get me wrong 


And right before they started pulling the plugs

someone would save me and I would be revived

but their life support just wouldn't last as long as I needed it to


I needed some one to cure me---some one who knew what they were doing

but it wasn't that easy

I'd grow unconscious every time






then my mind started created its own shell, its own coma---a wall

to ((surround)) what was left of my heart and soul

so it wouldn't wake up to feel the pain ever again


but then,

out of nowhere---an angel came to save me

called my name and I surrendered 

and I've been awake ever since


  • Goldfinch60

    May your angel always be with you.

  • psychofemale

    thank you both :)

  • Denise

    🥺❤️ gahhh right in the feels..

  • psychofemale

    thanks :)

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