I thought maybe you could recognise me

If I showed you all my pieces

The broken and the beautiful

The sharp edges and depleted 


I thought maybe you would know my face

If I swept back my autumnal wave of hair

So you could look straight into my emerald eyes

And tell me what was there


I thought maybe you would sense my soul

If I laid it bare in every line I breathed 

That maybe you would breathe me in

And chase me through a dream




'I think therefore I am'

Some philosopher once said

I think of all I could have been 

But just had thoughts instead 





  • dusk arising

    How much should we reveal of ourselves when we relax into loving. Such a safe secure warm feeling where we let all that we are flow hoping our partner is on the same planet.
    Sadly all too often we are eclipsed.

    • sylviasearcher

      Yes I believe I could be eclipsed...

    • Fay Slimm

      Such a poignant appeal in this outpour of Being - a most heart-wrenching read dear Sylvia

      • sylviasearcher

        Thanks Fay.
        Was just having a hopeless romantic moment...

      • Neville

        No need for me to search high and low today, these words jumped out at me as soon as I opened the page... and they are beautiful words indeed, crafted into a meaningful poem but maybe tinged with a certain sadness... Neville

        • sylviasearcher

          My being is forever tinged with a certain sadness.
          Thanks for catching my words when the jumped out at you x

          • Neville

            I'm glad I caught them too...

          • Michael Edwards

            A beautiful write.

          • whisperingquill

            Exquisite my friend
            Channeling Plath in this
            very symmetrical from the depths. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’«

            • sylviasearcher

              Plath was often misunderstood you know. She was both enigmatic yet awkward.

              As you know she channels me!

              And I bet noone ever understood her sense of humour either πŸ™„

              Thanks for reading and being kind.

            • Claudelle DeLuna

              Great poem! Sylvia

            • asrealastheycome

              β€œI thought maybe you would sense my soul
              If I laid it bare in every line I breathed
              That maybe you would breathe me in
              And chase me through a dream”

              Perfectly written.

              • sylviasearcher

                Thanks kindred vibe πŸ€—

              • Goldfinch60

                Strongly written emotive write, you still have time to be what you want to be.

              • nicolibellamont

                Beautiful poem. Very well put together and flows perfectly. I often find myself in solitude and wanting of someone to understand. I don't open up easily.

                • sylviasearcher

                  Well thanks for sharing my moment 😌

                • Caleb.A

                  Lovely piece. I sense that you are seeking acceptance/understanding from someone or something. But the reality is that you are alone.

                  • sylviasearcher

                    Maybe we are all alone but I am more conscious of my solitude.

                    There is a bit of reaching, seeking, imagining. But then dreams are su much better than reality.

                    Thanks for reading and commenting 😌

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