Lake Walking.

The sun blazed down on the white frosty track,

I walked through natures wonder towards the lake.

There it was before me, the white bushes surrounding it.

I started my walk glorying in this beautiful morning.

There before me was a sign,

“DANGER! No swimming or paddling. Fear of drowning!”

I looked over the water and the thought came to me,

Drowning would not be an issue on a day like this

As the lake was solid ice,

And you could probably walk across it

And would be more likely

To die of exposure!


  • Michael Edwards

    You've got me shivering - nice one Andy.

  • orchidee

    We've a lake near-ish to us, quite a large one. It will have to be milder for me to walk round it. Otherwise I briskly walk and am more concerned of getting back indoors. Then it becomes a rushed walk.


    Thanks UNCLE ANDY : Brian & I love classic POP ~ Amen ! Love the POEM : In the UK I always felt WINTER was a new and often alien DIMENSION : BUT like all things ALIEN scary & beautiful. When I walk on ICE : I feel Im CHRISTLIKE walking on H2O albeit in the Solid State. Hoeever I have fallen through once or twice (never into deep water !) which proves I am only Human after all ! Girls will be Girls !
    Blessings & Love in the Spirit to You & Joyce :
    ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Lorna

    You must live in a beautiful spot Andy - you always mention gorgeous nature around you!

  • Neville

    How inconsiderate of the council or whoever is responsible for signs in your neck of the woods... You would think they would have the decency to put up a winter variant... Go for a slide, get some one to punch ya in the eye , take a selfie send it to the council with the threat of posting it on the internet, you tube or summat if they dont cough up... if they refuse.. just sue them..... Neville

  • dusk arising

    Dont risk it, i fell through the ice many times as a kid. I'm not so resilient now.
    By water all the frosted foliage seems to be experiencing a much colder, whiter winter I've noticed.

  • FineB

    Hello Goldfinch,

    A vivid and lovely poem.

    Thank you.

    The only time I have heard of people walking on a lake or river for that matter was when I was in Prague and on a boat cruise around the River Vtlava. The guide told us that so many years ago the River froze and people literally walked on it without falling in.

    Keep writing Fine B

    • Goldfinch60

      Apparently it happened on the Thames in London in the 18th or nineteenth century.

    • Ranita

      Love you poem. It bring you right there in the moment. I do nature photography as one of my hobbies and you just made me want to go find a frozen lake 🙂

      • Goldfinch60

        Thank you Ranita, good luck in finding your lake.

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