Love Limitless

Tune: Capetown

('Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost')


To love, it be your command

Appointed by your good hand

Lord, come help, forgive, inspire

With your holy fire


Show us how to love, whole heart

Love to you in every part

Your love first to us you shared

By grace unimpaired


Where our love be partial, cold

Yet your love still does us hold

Gospel of your love be told

With your courage bold


And love for one another

Each sister and each brother

Strengthen us where faint we  be

To love completely


Employing heart, mind, will, soul

Where distractions bring a lull

Help us return to first love

Spirit, holy dove


And our love expressively

In our praises tunefully

Pray, accept for your glory

We your creatures be


Gifts and graces we do know

Given to us here below

God in heaven, Spirit lives

In our hearts, life gives






  • orchidee

    Woof! Not now Fido! Not the sort of 'faint' you mean - verse 4. heehee.

  • Goldfinch60

    If only the world would love each other it would be wonderful

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. 'Tis true!


      THANKS UNCLE STEVE : A very uplifting Hymn & Poem. The FRUIT of the SPIRIT is motivated by Love ! Without LOVE : No Joy : No Peace etc in face NO - THING !
      GOD is LOVE and He created H Sapiens with a BIG LOVE BUTTON (I wont go into details cos Im scared of FIDO !) Everyone who LOVES experiences GOD & is known by HIM : AMEN !
      Love in the Spirit :
      ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡

      • orchidee

        Thanks A&B. You did not 'tempt' Fido to bark! lol. He knows this sort of love too when I tickle his tummy! (I haven't even got a dog really). Fido's a real pest sometimes. lol.

      • FineB

        Hello Orchidee,

        Happy Valentine's Day!

        A wonderful poem on God's love.

        Psalm 136 my favourite Psalm on God's love.

        Keep writing

        • orchidee

          Thanks Fine.

        • Michael Edwards

          If we all loved each other would there be enough to go round? Should we order more from Amazon?

          • orchidee

            Thanks M. Yes, let\'s orders tons of it. How much does it cost? And can you get it from your Co-op too?

            • Michael Edwards

              Yes and they do their own brand as well - buy one get one free - always wanted free love !! lol

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            • Neville

              Maybe because its Valentine's Day, you should pen a her poem, just to even it up a bit... nothing that might set Fido off tho...

              • orchidee

                Thanks N. I'm scared of Fido - he's so fussy. The least thing sets him off!

                • Neville

                  I have noticed...

                • Laura🌻


                  Thank you for sharing your “Love Limitless”!

                  Happy Valentine’s Day!💝


                  • orchidee

                    Thanks Laura.

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