Valentine's Day is here,

Cupid's arrows all around glow,

Flowers and chocolates sent to capture a woman's heart,

Couples celebrate their love over candlelit dinners in full flow.

Valentine's Day is an occasion for love,

An occasion not necessarily for romantic love between a woman and man,

Let's be kind and loving towards others,

Reach out to someone who needs love if you can.



  • Michael Edwards

    Loneliness is a terrible position to be in - when I retired both my wife and I joined different groups and we have a large circle of friends as a result - you onlt get out what you put in - but it's not so easy for many others. Fine write about this awful problem.

    • FineB

      Hello Michael,

      Thank you for reading!

      Much appreciated.

      Keep writing Fine B

    • sylviasearcher

      Loneliness is my dearest friend 😪

      Kindness can make such a difference in this world.

      Thanks for sharing yours

      • FineB

        Hello sylviasearcher.

        You're welcome and thanks!

        Happy Valentine's Day to you.

        Keep writing Fine B

      • orchidee

        A good write Fine.

        • FineB

          Hi Orchidee.

          Thank you.

          Glad you liked it.

          Keep writing Fine B

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          GOOD EVENING FINE (Its 9am Friday here : NZ !) In my job in the UK I often do home visits (Im a PHYSIO) and wit some elederly imobile poeple Im the only one they saw all day. Shy younger People can also be lonely ! You have to be a Friend to have a Friend ! I attend Pensioners Groups to talk about PHYSIO & Exercise etc ~ The poeple who attend (weekly) are not lonely and have made Friends through the GROUP. Individuals in Retirement Homes can be just as lonely as shut ins.
          Valentine Day accentuates the companionship of the MAJORITY and amplifies the Lonliness (and often misery) of the MINORITY ! One LADY I visit (in the UK) showed me photos of her as a Teen (BEAUTIFUL) : Lots of Valentines : BUT now as a childless Widow : no close Family and no Church : she was sad & lonely. We should befriend the Lonely and make some time for them ! Thanks for Caring : Yours ANGELA 🧡

          • FineB

            Good evening Angela,

            It's 22.25pm here in the UK.

            The weather must be lovely in New Zealand. It is still cold here in the UK.

            Thank you for sharing all of your experiences and reading the poem.

            Much appreciated.

            We must all reach out to others.

            Keep writing Fine B

          • Goldfinch60

            If only we all sent out love to all the world would be a wonderful place.

          • FineB

            Hi Goldfinch 60,

            Thank you for your lovely comments and for reading my poem.

            Keep writing Fine B!

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