Michael Edwards




I am

I will be

Who I am.


I will not


 I am content

I’ve lived my life.


if I offend

I am resigned

If I bring joy

I’m pleased.


I’ve lived my life

I am content

I’ve earnt

the right.


I am.

I will be

who I am.


Please do not seek

to change me now.





  • Ranita

    Very nice . That is all any of us can be 🙂

    • Michael Edwards

      Especially at my age lol - thanks Ranita

    • dusk arising

      Old dawg, new tricks? .... nah!

      • Michael Edwards

        Well I'm still learning but what is learnt is learnt.

      • Goldfinch60

        So very true. Part of my philosophy of life is "This is me if you do not like what you see that is your problem, not mine"

      • orchidee

        A fine write and pic M. But - Who am I? Am I 'Me', 'Myself', or 'I'? An identity crisis. Which one of the three fellas am I?! lol.

        • Michael Edwards

          You is thee is thou are right because I, is me is right myself isn't it.

          • orchidee

            Now I is even more confused, with them thee's and thou's - forsooth! And wherefore art Romeo? Is thou hiding? Terrible grammar tenses here, innit?!

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          • Goldfinch60

            Sorry Michael, forgot to mention the art work. That is wonderful. Really like that.

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks Andy - that's really kind - I did it as a demo and as part of a workshop I ran about three weeks ago. When you only have a couple of hours you have to keep the subject simple - anyway it seemed to go down well.

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Thanks UNCLE MIKE ~ A perfect symbiosis of POEM & PIC ~ Mike & Tree for ALL SEASONS. You bring a lot of visual & verbal FUN to MPS each Day ~ that is who you are ~ A CONTENTED MAN ~ who freely shares his Artictic & Verbal skills wit!h us all. We trust at your age we will be as sprightly & magnaminous !
              Abundant Blessings today & always ~
              ANGELA & BRIAN 🧡🧡🧡🧡
              Having perused your Picture it has spawn an idea for a Poem ~ is it OK if we reproduce it as a complement to a Poem ~ later in the week ?

              • Michael Edwards

                Thanks so much for your lovely comment and I feel flattered = it will be my pleasure if you use my painting - I am looking forward to it already.

              • Neville

                who could ask for anything more than to be contented with his lot ...

                • Michael Edwards

                  I.m not sure if it's because I've been lucky or if it's because I've worked darned hard for it but either way life's been good to me - thanks Neville.

                  • Neville


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