Michael Edwards






As notes of tearless silence played

he cast a net of flattery

and hearing fawning  words of love

that echoed from his courtly mouth,

unheeded by past lessons learnt,

she sanctified advances made.


Wrapped within his influences

opposing all iniquity,

his admonitions once expressed

by subjugation now rebuked

and rumours bruited cast aside

with conscious falsehoods entertained.


By impulse of a beating heart

her rising blush betrayed

the pulsing blood of innocence

that flowed to his desires.








  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write Michael, that innocence can be so vulnerable to those without decency.

    • Michael Edwards

      We see it in the news every day - thanks Andy.

    • orchidee

      That's all OK then, if her advances were sanctified. Would be very swoony if they weren't!

      • Michael Edwards

        Can't have swoony at this time on a Monday - after lunch may be.

        • orchidee

          I'm gonna be sick as a dog (Fido?) - choc gateau awaits for me birthday!

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        • Andrew Charles Forrest

          Very well...!

          • Michael Edwards

            A very deep well .. lol
            Thanks Andrew.

          • Fay Slimm.

            Spot on description of what happens to innocence when influenced by devious intentions.

          • Neville

            that's poetry for ya folks..... 10/10 squire..

            • Michael Edwards

              I feel honoured and I've gone all sheepish - thank you so much Neville

              • Neville

                always a pleasure Michael, and not said lightly...

              • Maxine Smith

                I love this, the pure and innocent should be loved and desired, sadly some others exploit their vulnerabilities as a weakness.
                This was written brilliantly, a great read Michael.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks a lot Maxine - much appreciated.

                • FineB

                  Hello Michael,

                  A brilliant poem!

                  All I can say is what a hot bloodied charmer!

                  Keep writing Fine B

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks FB - he's sure got a way with him.

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