Most work hard ~ Few get a PERK


We all work hard to keep alive

Like Busy Bees inside a hive

Most of us ~ WORKIN' NINE to FIVE !


We all work hard to earn our pay

Thirty-two million in UK !

School & College prepare for JOBS

Vocational Courses ~ so we dont end up SLOBS !

Every Vocation is catered for .......

Nurses & Salesmen ~ Folk on the Shop-floor


We all have to work to earn a crust

We all hate to hear "Our Firm's gone BUST"

Travel to work is a problem as well

Hours on the Train ~ My idea of HELL !

ANGEL & I are every day BLESSED

Chances to Work ~ to Play & to Rest !


We pray you'll ALL have ~ A Job you ENJOY

And the Daily Grind ~ does not your Soul Destroy !


Thanks for visit ~ comments welcome ~ Love 🧡🧡🧡 BRIAN


Personally I have been very Blessed ! I started work as

a Process Control Chemist @ 17 ~ studied Day Release ~

and now work @ 35 as a Lecturer in Applied Science. I

have always enjoyed my Work !

DOLLY PARTON is in the UK (We all love Her !) Promoting

the MUSICAL "Working Nine to Five" in the West End. Enjoy

the Video Clip !  She is 70+ and has worked non-stop for

over 50 Years ! Dolly is unique and the Greatest Ever Female

Country Star ! Two great assets !  Her incredible Music Ability

and She is an amazing Poet and Lyric Writer ~ AMEN ~ BRIAN.   






  • Goldfinch60

    I did my forty seven years and one month constant employment and manged to retire early.

    Dolly Parton for all her looks and apparent nonsense is a very clever lady and fine business women. Her singing is wonderful.


      Thanks UNCLE ANDY ~ Being retired in the nice weather we are enjoying is a Blessing indeed ! Yes DOLLY sure has kept herself abreast of Tin Pan Ally ~ her Albums (now CD's) are always best sellers ~ Dolly World (Nashville TN) is a great sucess and employs dozens of her extended Family and Her Worldwide Tours always a sell-out I am sure Her Stage Musical of 9 to 5 will be a geat success. A DUMB BLONDE she is NOT ! Pleased you enjoy her singing !
      Blessings & Love to YOU & JOYCE
      BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • orchidee

      A fine write B&A. And yet - it can be more like 8 to 6 in some places these days, plus a rota of Saturdays.
      I read an old work notice (prehistoric!): 'Working hours are 7am to 6pm. Lunch 30 mins, but on no account shall work cease during lunch'.

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        Thanks UNCLE STEVE ~ Happy 1000th Birthday ! Be careful with the Candles courld burn down the Village ! Yes thanks to OLD LABOUR & The Trade Unions conditions for work are better ~ but acctually getting there much worse ! In the Summer (when both in the UK) Angela & I can use iour BIKES ! Big output of Anthropogenic CO2 ! Pleased you liked the Poem & Video ~ any excuse to showcase Dolly one of the SEVEN Natural Wonders of the USA ! Abundant Blessings
        Tus Dos Amigos BRIAN y ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡 🧡
        An extra 🧡 for your Millenial Cumpleanos B & A !

      • Michael Edwards

        Fine write Brian - I recognise her place in country music and the adulation she receives but must admit she wouldn't be my first choice on the turntable. By the way how do you define a dodecet - I have searched internet and reference books on poetry but can't find any references. The nearest seems to be a con-verse which is a form I have written in in the past.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          HI UNCLE MIKE ~ In my Circles DODECET referes to any Poem of 20 lines just as a SONNET must have 14 and a DECET 10 OK. I like to give my Poems generic names ~ just a fad !
          For many people DOLLY's voice is too high and she sings (and talks) too fast ! Her great assets are ~ Her Musicianship 10 instrumnets & She promotes BLUE GRASS ~ Her awesoem Stage Presense and her ability as a WORDSMITH !
          I prefer (turntablewise) the late lamented (died @ 33) PATSY CLINE who sings much lower & slower !
          Have a cool Monday ~ BRIAN & ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

          • Michael Edwards

            Many thanks for the Explanation - have a great day.

          • Andrew Charles Forrest

            Thanks for the memory

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              THANKS ANDREW ~ LEGEND indeed ~ Best Female Country Singer of the 20th C ~ still as Sassy at 73 and her Worldwide Tours aways a sell out. She has been on BBC TV this morning promoting Her Musical Version of 9 to 5 an the London Stage ! Exhilarating to see & hear her resonat NASHVILLE Twang ! Pleased I tweeked your Memory ~ BRIAN

            • orchidee

              Thanks B&A. A couple of other things on this notice were:
              * Request must be made to the Office Manager if wishing to frequent the outside loo.
              * A rota for collecting coal for the fire in the office will be displayed. Each employee should collect 3 buckets of coal per week from the shed in the back yard.
              * Pencil sharpeners are available on request from the Office Manager (centuries before I.T!).

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                Yes UNCLE STEVE ~ Loo (and Smoke) breaks etc can be expoloited ~ I never did work in an Office witha Coal Fire (1800's ?) I did once court a Young Lady who had a coal fire in her bedroom (no central heating) I used toe take her charcoal briquettes instead of Flowers ! I still use PENCILS (HB) and I have a manually operated PS ! Thanks for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN

                • orchidee

                  Yes, I use pencils too. But in 1800's (?) that may be all they used!

                • Laura🌻

                  Caro Amico Brian,
                  Una buona DODECET!
                  Fourtunately, I lived to work...
                  even when I was paid for it!
                  Once my paying “job” ( dept. of Education) became totally dictated by the politicians, I left! Now I’m still involved in Education...on my own terms...on a volunteer basis only!
                  Have been to Dollywood! A fine theme park! You have to love her music to appreciate the Park because her music is on all the while the Park is open!
                  Dalla tua Amica...

                  • Laura🌻

                    I didn’t think so!!😉

                    • ANGELA & BRIAN

                      GRAZIE LAURA : Nostra Amica Bella ~ A nos piace que tu e un FAN di DOLLY PARTON. WE plan to visit DOLLYWOOD next Year and hope that She is in Residence ! I work in TECHNICAL EDUCATION it is Government Funded but Industry also has a stake ! Angela works for the National Health Service ~ Under Government Control ~ In the UK there is not a big Private Sector for Physiotherapists ~ So when she returns to the UK she will resume her old job (Hospital Based) in the NHS. In addition to Hands on Work ~ she will also be a TUTOR & a TRAINER. She has developed these skills in the New Zealand. She will be on about £40,000 ($55,000) so between us (£85,000 p.a.) we should be able to BUY a HOUSE before we start our Family ! We all need some money to keep AFLOAT !
                      Abbracci e Bacci ~ BRIAN ed ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

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                    • FineB

                      Hello Brian,

                      A super write. I loved 9 to Five the film. Off to see it next month at the Savoy Theatre.

                      Fabulous song by the legendary Dolly.

                      Keep writing Fine B!

                    • ForeverJesus6

                      Alot of people do not know what an opportunity they have to work. Many people often complain about work, not knowing that there are many disabled people out there who have no chance of ever receiving a job. Many people would love to have a job no matter what it is. Many things we take for granted. We often need to be more greatful.
                      Persistence is key

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