67 years old,

The brainchild of Agatha Christie,

Opened on the London stage in 1952,

A good old fashioned murder mystery.

A guest house manor,

A woman found dead,

The finger of suspicion turns on the guests,

Who really is the culprit instead?

A snowbound manor,

A killer will strike again.

A murder mystery unsolved,

Will the detective end the killer's reign?

The Mousetrap has survived the test of time,

Audiences flock to this theatrical delight hard to resist,

An unforgettable whodunnit,

Memorable in its plot with a twist.


  • Goldfinch60

    I have never seen it but it must be amazing to have lasted all these years.

    • FineB

      Hello Goldfinch60.

      Glad you liked the poem!

      It was certainly an experience that I
      enjoyed in all my years of theatregoing!

      Keep writing Fine B

    • Michael Edwards

      And I've never seen it either but it has received such acclaim over the years I must add it to my list - great write FB.

      • FineB

        Hello Michael,

        Thank you!

        Glad you liked it!

        It certainly is murder mystery theatre at its very best!

        Keep writing Fine B!

      • orchidee

        A fine write Fine. And the person who dunnit was...… I was gonna be a spoilsport and give away the ending! How would I know? I've not seen it. lol.

      • Neville

        been there, seen it and wore the tee shirt out.. thanks for reminding me of this classic... Neville

        • FineB

          Hi Neville,

          Thank you and thanks for reading.

          Keep writing FineB!

          • Neville

            rest assured, my pleasure...

          • tepo

            I'll be in London most of the coming summer
            Ta for the tip fine b

            • FineB

              Hi Tepo,

              You're welcome and thanks for reading.

              Enjoy the show.

              Keep writing FineB!

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