A Certain Point of Beauty

A Certain Point of Beauty


He dreams, breathes, eats and sleeps less well

Than his once famous Spanish mistress and

One time, would be courtesan

He being a poet, a collector of moments

And a connoisseur of beauty

Arranges with a shepherd to sacrifice a lamb


He then considers leaving in the morning

Before her daily rituals begin

Of showering and combing

Of breast and pelvic muscle exercise and moaning

Long before her beauty frays

And leaves her just another extraordinarily

Attractive woman...



  • sylviasearcher

    Reminded me of the moments when I sometimes manage to write a beautiful poem.

    • Neville

      as indeed you have done before and shall again.... thank you sylviasearcher these words then have served a useful purpose... N x

    • Andrew Charles Forrest

      NOW,,, That is a moement WELL Captured
      Truly a beautiful write
      BUT... Did he stay or did he leave that is one of life's great questions

      • Neville

        Bless you my brother.. many thanks indeed.. all I can say is, it did happen... I am honour bound not to divulge any more than that.... N

        • Andrew Charles Forrest

          Well... Bless you
          I stayed and I am 'ever thankfull I did

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        • Michael Edwards

          Could be about my lovely Asian wife but I stayed and that was over half a century ago - this is an intriguing write which will live me for some time.

          • Neville

            My word, that is a lovely comment you left for me Michael.. thank you sir & truly too.... Neville

          • Fay Slimm.

            A casket of treasured words here Neville - - beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder they say - - but those mentioned exercises sound helpful and methinks to try 'em !! Great read.

            • Neville

              Good mane my friend.. thank you for blessing this page with your presence... I am of course most grateful.. Have a blessed day.. Neville

            • dusk arising

              Ahhh that moment of descision "should I stay or should i go".

              Beauty, being in the eye of the beholder, can be a short lived quality.

              • Neville

                decisions, decisions, decisions... that is the question.. thank you DA for paying attention sir .. Neville

              • Candlewitch

                you have captured an enchanted moment that will live on in you forever...and you are an honorable person! much enjoyed!!!

                *hugs, Cat

                • Neville

                  well how very extraordinarily kind of you Cat... bless ya and true... Hug reciprocated.. N

                • orchidee

                  Ooh should I meet her?! (heehee). 'Yeah, go on', you say. She don't sound as fierce as Boudicea.

                  • Neville

                    some things are not always what they seem .... cheers orchidee...

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Beautiful write about a beautiful lady.

                    • Neville

                      bless ya GF60 .. yes she was...

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