This Poem is a song

For you

Without a tune

A testament

A symphony

Of lost moments

Fragmented like the

Splinters of a

Fractured shot glass


How I long and yearn

And ache for thee

My friend

To be whole again

As once we were

Like one

Yet still led blindly


To bend you naked

Stretched and

Taught as canvas

Then taste and think

Of all those

Things important

Château la tour and acid

Love death god and sex


Yes my god with a

Small G as always

Then dare to hold me

As I struggle and tightly

Make my next moment

A moment on Monet’s palette

A sigh of Cohen breath


Do not mention

Love tho

For you would only spoil it

This moment our moment

This here and this now moment

Rejoice instead and lay 

Upon me as a friend or

As indeed a lover might



  • Andrew Charles Forrest

    Well it's an option...
    Love the hopeful title
    Great write again Neville

    • Neville

      thank you kindly, thank you true, Andrew & many of em..... Neville

    • orchidee

      Should I try some of this?! How come you finished this poem, if it's called Unfinished? heehee.

      • Neville

        tis a fair cop guv'nor .. I just dont have a clue... ta though.. N

      • Fay Slimm.

        To be whole and in the moment comes through clearly in this plea for friendship that need not be love - a piece to read over again - good this thought is and true that close friendship should never be finished. A compelling read Nev. .

        • Neville

          thank you kindly dear Fay for your smashing & otherwise well reasoned response to my Thursday morning scribble.... Have a great day my friend..... N x

        • sylviasearcher

          I found this quite an intrigue,
          Do not mention love, but lay as lover might?

          It sounds like it was something you did not want to end. Unfinished?

          • Neville

            I like a bit of intrigue... thank you sylviasearcher... and maybe, just maybe you are not too far of the mark.... maybe... N

          • Michael Edwards

            Great write.
            Make my next moment
            A moment on Monet’s palette.
            Magical lines.

            • Neville

              Thank you Michael.. you did cross my mind when I posted these words.... N

            • Claudelle DeLuna

              Excellent poem! Neville
              love the concept 💖

              • Neville

                thank you kindly my friend...

              • Goldfinch60

                Rejoice indeed.

                • Neville

                  Yes, I might just give that a try, thank you....

                • Fay Slimm.

                  Re-read this unfinished melody to lost moments just now and can relate to its essence in more ways than I knew - - - - A moment on Monet’s palette

                  A sigh of Cohen breath" - what better metaphor can you keep in your memory -

                  • Neville

                    Bless ya Fay and true.....

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