My Pregnancy Journey

6 Weeks Pregnant

No it can not be,

Please god not me.

But 4 tests later and its confirmed

My stomach churns.

My friend looks at me with great concern.

This is absurd I cannot carry this baby to full term.


10 Weeks Pregnant 

I can no longer close my eyes and pretend that this is not happening

Although I can not comprehend I must take action.

What are my options?



Or make some alterations

Lay down some foundations

This little life doesn't need to be a complication.


16 Weeks Pregnant 

The sickness has still not eased

My body is displeased.


20 Weeks Pregnant

Hospital scan

Now I understand

As I hear the heart beat of my baby girl

And the sight on the screen of her little tiny hands.

This is most definitely what god had planned.


26 Weeks Pregnant

She can kick for sure

She always picks the most awkward moments to play.

Dear daughter can you calm those feet down a little today.


30 Weeks Pregnant

I sing to her 

I tell her of all the things her mummy desires for her.


36  Weeks Pregnant

I wake up I smile at the shinning sun

Near there little one

Our life together has nearly begun.


40 Weeks Pregnant

In to the labour room I must go.

So Nervous

But I know the joy you will bestow.

One last push the midwife says.


1 Minute Old

5.06 am 8lb6oz

My Beautiful daughter Annie Is born.

I’m mesmerized by her beautiful eyes

Her little tiny hands and feet I’m so pleased to meet

Every doubt faded away

As the love I feel for her will be embedded in me every day.


  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful emotive write, she will always bring you pleasure and love.

    • Angela1711

      Thank you for your comment. Yes that she will. X

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