My little pocket watch


How I loathe my little pocket watch

It never fails to persist.

In that annoying little tick tock

While I sit and clench my fists.


How I loathe this stupid pocket watch,

Opposing all my strife

All I want to do is stew

In my cesspool of a life.


Oh for fuck sake little pocket watch

Counting down the seconds

All I have to do is jump

The darkness, it just beckons.


Now, now little pocket watch

I’m fixated on the ground,

This building is so high from here

I no longer heed your sound.


The time is near little pocket watch

And please, do not despair!

For when the breathe has left my body

Your tick tock will still be there.


I’m sorry little pocket watch

My anger is misconstrued

Time is not a healer in my grief

Though I don’t mean to be rude.


Farewell my little pocket watch

On this balcony we shall depart

Maybe one day your stability

Will mend someone else’s heart.



  • orchidee

    Chuck the pocket watch from the building instead. That'll stop it ticking and tocking. And it'll save ya a big jump there. Pesky thing. lol. But it might be a valuable one.

  • Joe Dawson

    Time flies and by the sounds of it so too did this annoying little pocket watch and at speed too. A very original write. Love it. Joe

  • Michael Edwards

    Joe says it just right - a real original write which sustains full interest to the last word - bravo Jayde.

  • Neville

    although a great healer, sometimes time itself is just not enough.. sometimes.. maybe something more practical and tangible might be needed as well ... a great little rhyming poem on the dark side ... Neville

  • dusk arising

    Yes, you need something much more fun in your pocket than that miserable thing.
    Maybe a rich uncles credit card?

  • Angela1711

    I enjoyed this darker side to your writing :) nice read. Sometimes theres things in life we can never truely heal from. No matter how much time goes by. Don't jump 😉 lol x

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful dark write, time cannot be stopped but that pocket watch can be secreted away so it does not tick you life away as a reminder.

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