Michael Edwards







Words expressed in sympathy

will not abate her suffering

nor ever thaw the frost sharp fear

which freezes empty souls.


No principles, no sacred laws,

no vestal fires to clear her woes

will ever ease her broken heart

in these her slipper years.


Impartial hands of death when served

will bear their own supremacy

and for eternity she’ll play

upon Athena’s  flute




  • Michael Edwards

    Somehow a cartoon doesn't really sit comfortably with today's poem so something a bit different. Cartoons to resume tomorrow.

  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful emotive write Michael.

    Like the artwork there is a great deal in it to see.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thank you Andy - I guess that's where most us are - in our slipper years. At least I won't be inflicting the flute on anyone.

    • Nicholas Browning

      I enjoyed this very much. Wrenching description and a darker tone. This is good work.

      • Michael Edwards

        Yes a dark tone from me today but I've got quite a catalogue of light verse so back to that tomorrow. Thanks for your kind comment Nicholas.

      • orchidee

        a fine write and pic M. We'll torment people - me singing, and Athena on her flute - for ever! lol.

        • Michael Edwards

          Will Apollo be there too?

          • orchidee

            I could not find him. Someone said he took off in a rocket...ā€¦. Miss Berles sell flutes in her shop?

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          • sylviasearcher

            Oh I love a good drenching of unceasing woe in a morning.
            Good job of it too.

            Love the picture, I like the haziness of it, it somehow adds to the sense of loss or perhaps hopeless yearning, when placed next to the poem.

            The use of shadows/shading ? and colour intrigued me and I wondered what of it.

            The more I look at it the more melancholy I feel. Not sure that was what it was supposed to do or just mr channeling my inner demons!

            • Michael Edwards

              Just an interesting approach to pen and wash - something different but sorry if it feeds the demons.

              • sylviasearcher

                Oh Iā€™m akways feeding them!
                No need to apologise.
                Without dark there is no light šŸŒŸ

              • Fay Slimm

                More than just super this little jewel - has to be one of your very best....... both in drawing, colour and first rate verse. - into my faves it goes .

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thank you so much Fay - I so much value your continuing support.

                • orchidee

                  Aww, I don't feel like a drenching of unceasing woe meself (doh!). Maybe I will take a couple of them over-40 (?) pills to help out.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    An umbrolly is quite useful - or a shield on a broom handle.

                  • dusk arising

                    I think you have expressed the loneliness inside most people of great age who, prime long passed, exist in phases of reflection and waiting.

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Depressing isn't it - anyway it's Friday and I've just posted something more upbeat and insightful

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