Majestic Mount

Tune: Monks Gate

('He who would valiant be')

Psalm 48 parts


Note: Mount Zion = the hill or mount on which Jerusalem is built


Great is the LORD, greatly

To be praised is He

In His city, His mount

Source of blessings fount

Mount of His holiness

He shall the righteous bless

They who His name confess

Lord of all, no less


Beautiful situation

'Tis its location

The joy of the whole earth

'Tis of precious worth

Mount Zion on the sides

Of the north it resides

City of the great King

To Him now praise bring


God in her palaces

Is known, is true this

As we have heard, we saw

City of God sure

He is the LORD of hosts

And reigns unto all coasts

He will establish e'er

His Mount Zion fair


We of your loving kindness

Have thought, do us bless

In midst of your temple

We unto you call

According to your name

O God, your praise is same

Unto earth's farthest ends

Righteousness attends


Let Mount Zion rejoice

His people His choice

They of Judah be glad

Stay not mournful, sad

For His judgements righteous

Are here sure among us

Walk about Zion, go

Round about her so


Speak of her towers tall

And majesty all

Mark well her bulwarks there

They strong defence share

Consider palaces

And so tell all of this

To next generation

Of your blessed nation


For this is our God e'er

His presence e'er there

He for eternity

Shall our God still be

And he will be our guide

E'en to death, and reside

With us and leave us not

Happy be our lot



  • orchidee

    Aww, why ya horrible to me? Why ya say 'Go do ya singing on them Moors, and not 'ere?!' lol.

  • Nicholas Browning

    "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." - King James Bible

    I have no idea why I keep thinking of the horsemen but dagnabbit I do! Can't help it, their portrayal in the Darksiders video game is just too cool. I saw the word "Mount" and it just hit me. Coincidentally, "Zion" serves as the name for a couple of cool things. Such as the name of a DLC pack and location in the game Fallout: New Vegas, which I played and enjoyed thoroughly, and it was based on Zion National Park. Also! Zion is a name used for Jerusalem. Learning new things every day my friend. Seeing the contrast from the Zion I knew and the one you know was quite an interesting thought process. I enjoyed the read my friend as it sparked many interests!

  • orchidee

    Thanks N. Erm, that's not Mount Zion in the header pic, but it will have to be near enough! It's a mount of some sort, or volcano? Not that Zion is a volcano. I'm waffling now....
    You got a horse too yourself?! lol.

  • Fay Slimm

    An inspiring read Orchi

    • orchidee

      Thanks Fay. An impostor of a pic - it's not Mount Zion! I'm a dodgy dealer - give folk third-class stuff! heehee.

    • Michael Edwards

      If it's not Mount Zion is it Mount Horse? Fine work my good friend.

      • orchidee

        Thanks M. You a Mountie?

        • Michael Edwards

          I'm a Mountie .......and I don't care!

        • Crystal Hope

          i love the title. This was a magnificent piece.

          • orchidee

            Thanks Crystal.

          • Goldfinch60

            If the picures had gone West a little into the Yorkshire Dales you wouild have been truly in God's Country.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Gold.

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