Michael Edwards





Scenes unfurl  beneath the moon

by choice of moving clouds revealed

in lingering rays that kiss the eye

 in lands that drink the rain. 


On zephyrs breath the bird notes sing

as insects dance in shades of dusk

and satyrs seek the prancing nymphs

in lands where spirits rule.






  • Author: Michael Edwards (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 24th, 2019 00:40
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Goldfinch60

    Super write Michael, that first verse reminds me of something that happened a few mornings ago about which I wrote a poem that I will put on here today.

    Love the artwork, this style is going well.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - I have just been asked to run a workshop towards the end of the year demonstrating the techniques involved in this way of mark making.

    • whisperingquill

      That second stanza is really phenomenal

      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks so much - I had a bit of trouble with the first line of the second stanza which never read well. And then I stumbled across a reference to zephyr in a book I am reading and bingo - the first line was solved. This is a great advantage of the way I work - I leave completed poems in a pending folder and keep returning to them and tweaking them over a period of time until I think they are as good as I am likely to get them.

      • orchidee

        A good write and pic Michael. Got many credit cards left?!

        • Michael Edwards

          At the rummage sale yesterday I got hold of a large toy tractor with huge wheels which I'll remove and use for mark making. Also picked up a vintage watering can which will look good in the garden when I redesign it later in the year. As for credit cards I've still got a few although only use for buying things on the internet to provide additional peace of mind if there's a problem. And, yes, I pay them off every month.

          • orchidee

            I never knew if ya had any credit cards left, with chopping 'em up for these pics!

          • Fay Slimm.

            Wow - - satyrs seeking prancing nymphs - shall visit your neck of the woods to see for myself what more is revealed - ha - - a spirited write Mike.

            • Michael Edwards

              The little devils live under the cart bridge by Hatties field. Thanks Fay..

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              Thanks UNCLE MIKE : As you know the MAORI name for NZ is "Land of the Long White Cloud" because of the Lenticular Clouds which rest on the Peaks ! We have some lovely Cloud Formations in N Island and I look forward to visiting S Island @ easter when BRIAN comes. We start & finish in Christchurch which still need a lot of support & TLC.
              Love this series of 'Abstracts from Scratch' ! For me today's is a RAINBOW (red thru blue) ending in a Field with a Pot o' Gold ! I love the swirling clouds behind the BOW ! What would you title it "Abstract 147" is too facile !
              Love the Mystical Poem : Clouds are in a class of their own. Harbingers o' Weather : Yesterday : Today : Forever : AMEN
              Blessings & Peace
              ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

              • Michael Edwards

                With my abstracts I like to give them a title which gives no grounds for interpretation. Interpretation is up to the viewer and I have no wish to influence him - or her. So I invent a word for each painting - this one I think I'll call Sertave.

              • orchidee

                How's that evening, old chap? Jolly spiffing, and top-hat? Or caddish, burdensome, bounder-ish?! Tally-ho and all that rubbish. lol

              • Neville

                I immediately thought of Pink Floyd's 'obscured by clouds'
                and now.. I just cant get the tune out of my head... good job I like it innit.. and your poem by the way..... N

                • Michael Edwards

                  Don't know the music but pleased you like the poem.

                  • Neville

                    I did, my pleasure Michael..

                  • Nicholas Browning

                    Ahh, yes! This is what I'm talking about!
                    Gotta love the good stuff.
                    Quite a ride through a fantasy world. Well done Michael!

                    • Michael Edwards

                      I really appreciate your comment - thanks Nicholas.

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