Great Art

Great Art


All the great artists are covered in paint.


You may think it should be otherwise, but it aint.


They should know, after all, where the paint goes


So they should put it there, not on their clothes.


Do they not know canvas from denim or cotton?


The canvas is on the easel, which the others are not on.


Paint the damn canvas and call it Great Art!


Only, and this is important, be sure it contains… your innate heart.


  • Fay Slimm.

    Loads of applause for this question I have never dared ask Phil - - you are so right about the painterly clothing of artists - I wonder if they have enough rags and if not they use their coats or shirts etc... a fun write but it got its true message in the end line......... great stufl.

  • Michael Edwards

    I always protect the working surface with towels. They are covered in differennt colours and it always amazes me when I put a frame around them. Some of the patterns/images are quite amazing. Strangely enough I never seem to get my clothes covered. Love the write which does describe several of my friends though.

  • Goldfinch60

    Great write, our daughter is an artist and when she was doing Fine Art at University she used to wear a white set of overalls, I never did see them white.

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