Will I Be Forgotten?

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i feel like once i graduate high school my friends are going to forget about me.

i dont think it has hit them yet...

that i wont be here anymore,

im leaving..

i will no longer have classes with them next year..

and i wont be in lunch with them.

my friends are going to be juniors/seniors next year.

i wont be walking with them in the halls,

going to the bathroom to hang out,

walk around with them,

talk to them when they are upset...

i wont be here anymore...

will i be forgotten?

will i be missed?

will i receive a text back?

i dont think they realize im going to be gone.

will they miss all of my jokes and how i made them laugh?

will they forget all about me and how i dropped everything to help them?

will they think of me when im gone?

im going to be graduating..

i wont be there to gossip with,

give them gum or get them school lunch,

i wont be there for any possible dances unless they want to bring me.

will they forget i exist?

will they move on with their lives perfectly fine without me?

will i be forgotten?


  • Poetic Dan

    So sadly and beautifully done, I left school at 14 and my home. Within a few months everyone had gone, yes they were very difficult times.
    Things always change, a few may remain but the beauty is.. Waiting for you to set sail!
    No one knows what may lay ahead, but it will most definitely be worth it!

    Thank you for sharing this

  • orchidee

    Erm, short answer, no! Though there's some bullies at school that I don't want to remember. If I don't see them in 100 years it will be OK! lol.

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